Aviva Disease Resource

Disease: pure

* Genes are ranked by the number of publications which include both pure and the gene.

Gene Name Uniprot Pubmed Publication 2010 Publication Product
AARS P49588 AARS AND pure 1 AARS Antibody
ABAT P80404 ABAT AND pure 1 ABAT Antibody
ABCB1 P08183 ABCB1 AND pure 65 4 ABCB1 Antibody
ABCB4 A4D1D4 ABCB4 AND pure 1 ABCB4 Antibody
ABCD2 Q9UBJ2 ABCD2 AND pure 1 1 ABCD2 Antibody
ABCD3 P28288 ABCD3 AND pure 1 1 ABCD3 Antibody
ABCD4 O14678 ABCD4 AND pure 1 1 ABCD4 Antibody
ABCG2 Q9UNQ0 ABCG2 AND pure 2 ABCG2 Antibody
ABCG5 Q9H222 ABCG5 AND pure 1 ABCG5 Antibody
ACE2 Q9BYF1 ACE2 AND pure 1 ACE2 Antibody
ACPP P15309 ACPP AND pure 3 ACPP Antibody
ACPT Q9BZG2 ACPT AND pure 3 ACPT Antibody
ACRV1 P26436 ACRV1 AND pure 2 ACRV1 Antibody
ACTB P60709 ACTB AND pure 1 ACTB Antibody
ACTN3 Q08043 ACTN3 AND pure 1 ACTN3 Antibody
ACTR2 B2RCP5 ACTR2 AND pure 5 ACTR2 Antibody
ACTR3 P61158 ACTR3 AND pure 4 ACTR3 Antibody
ACVRL1 P37023 ACVRL1 AND pure 1 ACVRL1 Antibody
ADA P00813 ADA AND pure 26 3 ADA Antibody
ADAM9 B7ZLN7 ADAM9 AND pure 1 ADAM9 Antibody
ADC Q96A70 ADC AND pure 64 1 ADC Antibody
ADD2 P35612 ADD2 AND pure 1 ADD2 Antibody
ADH1B P00325 ADH1B AND pure 1 ADH1B Antibody
ADRB2 P07550 ADRB2 AND pure 33 2 ADRB2 Antibody
ADRBK1 P25098 ADRBK1 AND pure 1 ADRBK1 Antibody
ADRBK2 P35626 ADRBK2 AND pure 1 ADRBK2 Antibody
AES Q14CJ1 AES AND pure 62 8 AES Antibody
AGER AGER AND pure 2 AGER Antibody
AGK Q53H12 AGK AND pure 2 AGK Antibody
AGT P01019 AGT AND pure 9 1 AGT Antibody
AIFM1 O95831 AIFM1 AND pure 1 AIFM1 Antibody
AK1 P00568 AK1 AND pure 1 AK1 Antibody
AK2 P54819 AK2 AND pure 1 AK2 Antibody
AKAP8L Q9ULX6 AKAP8L AND pure 1 AKAP8L Antibody
AKR1B10 O60218 AKR1B10 AND pure 1 AKR1B10 Antibody
AKR1C2 P52895 AKR1C2 AND pure 1 AKR1C2 Antibody
AKT1 P31749 AKT1 AND pure 12 AKT1 Antibody
ALAD P13716 ALAD AND pure 1 ALAD Antibody
ALB P02768 ALB AND pure 6 1 ALB Antibody
ALG2 Q9H553 ALG2 AND pure 1 ALG2 Antibody
ALOX15 P16050 ALOX15 AND pure 18 2 ALOX15 Antibody
ALPP P05187 ALPP AND pure 6 ALPP Antibody
ALS2 Q96Q42 ALS2 AND pure 1 ALS2 Antibody
AMFR Q6PGR1 AMFR AND pure 10 AMFR Antibody
AMH Q6GTN3 AMH AND pure 6 1 AMH Antibody
AMN Q9BXJ7 AMN AND pure 13 2 AMN Antibody
AMPH P49418 AMPH AND pure 4 AMPH Antibody
AMT P48728 AMT AND pure 8 2 AMT Antibody
Antp Antp AND pure 1 Antp Antibody
ANTXR1 Q9H6X2 ANTXR1 AND pure 1 1 ANTXR1 Antibody
AOC2 O75106 AOC2 AND pure 1 AOC2 Antibody
APCS P02743 APCS AND pure 15 2 APCS Antibody
APEX1 APEX1 AND pure 3 APEX1 Antibody
APOB P04114 APOB AND pure 42 APOB Antibody
APOE P02649 APOE AND pure 61 5 APOE Antibody
APOH P02749 APOH AND pure 1 APOH Antibody
APRT P07741 APRT AND pure 3 APRT Antibody
APTX Q5T782 APTX AND pure 1 APTX Antibody
ARAF P10398 ARAF AND pure 4 1 ARAF Antibody
AREB6 P37275 AREB6 AND pure 1 1 AREB6 Antibody
ARF1 P61204 ARF1 AND pure 1 ARF1 Antibody
ARF6 P62330 ARF6 AND pure 1 ARF6 Antibody
ARG1 P05089 ARG1 AND pure 6 1 ARG1 Antibody
ARG2 P78540 ARG2 AND pure 2 ARG2 Antibody
ARSA P15289 ARSA AND pure 1 ARSA Antibody
ASL P04424 ASL AND pure 7 ASL Antibody
ASPA P45381 ASPA AND pure 1 1 ASPA Antibody
ASPN Q5TBF3 ASPN AND pure 1 ASPN Antibody
ASS P00966 ASS AND pure 12 2 ASS Antibody
ATG16L1 Q676U5 ATG16L1 AND pure 1 ATG16L1 Antibody
ATG4A Q8WYN0 ATG4A AND pure 1 ATG4A Antibody
ATP2A2 P16615 ATP2A2 AND pure 1 ATP2A2 Antibody
ATXN3 ATXN3 AND pure 3 ATXN3 Antibody
AUH Q13825 AUH AND pure 2 AUH Antibody
AVIL O75366 AVIL AND pure 18 1 AVIL Antibody
B2M P61769 B2M AND pure 2 1 B2M Antibody
BACE1 P56817 BACE1 AND pure 3 1 BACE1 Antibody
BAG2 O95816 BAG2 AND pure 2 BAG2 Antibody
BAK1 Q16611 BAK1 AND pure 1 BAK1 Antibody
BCHE P06276 BCHE AND pure 5 BCHE Antibody
BCL11B Q9C0K0-2 BCL11B AND pure 1 BCL11B Antibody
BCL2 P10415 BCL2 AND pure 10 BCL2 Antibody
BCL2A1 Q16548 BCL2A1 AND pure 1 BCL2A1 Antibody
BCL6B Q8N143 BCL6B AND pure 1 BCL6B Antibody
BDKRB2 P30411 BDKRB2 AND pure 16 BDKRB2 Antibody
BDNF P23560 BDNF AND pure 31 4 BDNF Antibody
BHMT Q93088 BHMT AND pure 1 BHMT Antibody
BLK P51451 BLK AND pure 2 BLK Antibody
BMP7 P18075 BMP7 AND pure 2 BMP7 Antibody
BOLL Q8N9W6 BOLL AND pure 7 BOLL Antibody
BRAP Q7Z569 BRAP AND pure 1 BRAP Antibody
BRCA1 P38398 BRCA1 AND pure 15 1 BRCA1 Antibody
BTN1A1 Q13410 BTN1A1 AND pure 1 BTN1A1 Antibody
C1QB C1QB AND pure 1 C1QB Antibody
C4B Q6U2E9 C4B AND pure 11 2 C4B Antibody
C4BPA P04003 C4BPA AND pure 1 C4BPA Antibody
CA4 P22748 CA4 AND pure 4 CA4 Antibody
CABC1 Q8NI60 CABC1 AND pure 1 CABC1 Antibody
CALCRL Q16602 CALCRL AND pure 1 CALCRL Antibody
CAP1 Q01518 CAP1 AND pure 1 CAP1 Antibody
CARS Q5HYE4 CARS AND pure 35 2 CARS Antibody
CASP3 P42574 CASP3 AND pure 82 7 CASP3 Antibody
CAV1 Q03135 CAV1 AND pure 3 1 CAV1 Antibody
CBS P35520 CBS AND pure 46 3 CBS Antibody
CCL13 Q99616 CCL13 AND pure 1 CCL13 Antibody
CCL2 P13500 CCL2 AND pure 15 CCL2 Antibody
CCL7 P80098 CCL7 AND pure 1 CCL7 Antibody
CCL8 P80075 CCL8 AND pure 1 1 CCL8 Antibody
CCNA2 P20248 CCNA2 AND pure 1 CCNA2 Antibody
CCND3 P30281 CCND3 AND pure 2 CCND3 Antibody
CCNE2 O96020 CCNE2 AND pure 1 CCNE2 Antibody
CCNH P51946 CCNH AND pure 1 1 CCNH Antibody
CCNY Q8ND76 CCNY AND pure 2 CCNY Antibody
CCR2 P41597 CCR2 AND pure 3 CCR2 Antibody
CCR4 P51679 CCR4 AND pure 1 CCR4 Antibody
CCT5 P48643 CCT5 AND pure 1 1 CCT5 Antibody
CCT7 Q99832 CCT7 AND pure 1 1 CCT7 Antibody
CD36 P16671 CD36 AND pure 21 1 CD36 Antibody
CD40 CD40 AND pure 30 2 CD40 Antibody
CD5 P06127 CD5 AND pure 21 CD5 Antibody
CDC2 CDC2 AND pure 13 CDC2 Antibody
CDC20 Q12834 CDC20 AND pure 1 CDC20 Antibody
CDC25A P30304 CDC25A AND pure 5 CDC25A Antibody
CDC25B CDC25B AND pure 3 CDC25B Antibody
CDC25C P30307 CDC25C AND pure 3 1 CDC25C Antibody
CDC42 P60953 CDC42 AND pure 8 CDC42 Antibody
CDH1 P12830 CDH1 AND pure 3 1 CDH1 Antibody
CDH23 CDH23 AND pure 2 CDH23 Antibody
CDK2 P24941 CDK2 AND pure 16 1 CDK2 Antibody
CDK4 P11802 CDK4 AND pure 14 CDK4 Antibody
CDK5 Q00535 CDK5 AND pure 5 CDK5 Antibody
CDK6 Q00534 CDK6 AND pure 4 1 CDK6 Antibody
CDK7 CDK7 AND pure 1 CDK7 Antibody
CDKN1B P46527 CDKN1B AND pure 21 CDKN1B Antibody
CDKN1C P49918 CDKN1C AND pure 2 CDKN1C Antibody
CDR2 Q01850 CDR2 AND pure 1 CDR2 Antibody
CDS1 Q92903 CDS1 AND pure 1 CDS1 Antibody
CEBPA P49715 CEBPA AND pure 1 CEBPA Antibody
CEBPD P49716 CEBPD AND pure 1 CEBPD Antibody
CETP P11597 CETP AND pure 14 CETP Antibody
CFP P27918 CFP AND pure 4 CFP Antibody
CHAD O15335 CHAD AND pure 2 CHAD Antibody
CHAT A2BDF5 CHAT AND pure 24 2 CHAT Antibody
CHGA P10645 CHGA AND pure 6 CHGA Antibody
CHIA CHIA AND pure 26 CHIA Antibody
CHM P24386 CHM AND pure 4 CHM Antibody
CHMP1B Q7LBR1 CHMP1B AND pure 1 CHMP1B Antibody
CHN2 P52757 CHN2 AND pure 1 CHN2 Antibody
CHP Q99653 CHP AND pure 15 2 CHP Antibody
CHRNB3 Q05901 CHRNB3 AND pure 1 CHRNB3 Antibody
CIC Q96RK0 CIC AND pure 21 4 CIC Antibody
CKAP4 Q07065 CKAP4 AND pure 8 1 CKAP4 Antibody
CLDN1 O95832 CLDN1 AND pure 3 CLDN1 Antibody
CLDN11 O75508 CLDN11 AND pure 1 CLDN11 Antibody
CLDN2 P57739 CLDN2 AND pure 1 CLDN2 Antibody
CLDN5 O00501 CLDN5 AND pure 2 CLDN5 Antibody
CLPB Q9H078 CLPB AND pure 3 CLPB Antibody
COIL COIL AND pure 223 16 COIL Antibody
COL11A2 P13942 COL11A2 AND pure 5 COL11A2 Antibody
COL1A2 P08123 COL1A2 AND pure 2 COL1A2 Antibody
COL6A1 P12109 COL6A1 AND pure 2 1 COL6A1 Antibody
COL6A2 Q9BUM6 COL6A2 AND pure 3 2 COL6A2 Antibody
COMT P21964 COMT AND pure 6 1 COMT Antibody
COPA P53621 COPA AND pure 2 COPA Antibody
COPG Q9Y678 COPG AND pure 1 COPG Antibody
COQ2 Q96H96 COQ2 AND pure 3 COQ2 Antibody
CPB2 Q96IY4 CPB2 AND pure 3 CPB2 Antibody
CPD O75976 CPD AND pure 21 2 CPD Antibody
CPE P16870 CPE AND pure 28 3 CPE Antibody
CREG1 O75629 CREG1 AND pure 1 CREG1 Antibody
CRP P02741 CRP AND pure 65 3 CRP Antibody
CSF1 Q5VVF3 CSF1 AND pure 2 CSF1 Antibody
CSH1 P01243 CSH1 AND pure 1 1 CSH1 Antibody
CSK P41240 CSK AND pure 19 1 CSK Antibody
CSNK1G2 P78368 CSNK1G2 AND pure 1 CSNK1G2 Antibody
CSTB P04080 CSTB AND pure 2 CSTB Antibody
CTA-126B4.3 CTA-126B4.3 AND pure 23 2 CTA-126B4.3 Antibody
CTBP1 Q13363 CTBP1 AND pure 1 CTBP1 Antibody
CTH P32929 CTH AND pure 2 CTH Antibody
CTNNB1 CTNNB1 AND pure 29 7 CTNNB1 Antibody
CUGBP1 Q92879 CUGBP1 AND pure 1 CUGBP1 Antibody
CUL2 Q13617 CUL2 AND pure 1 CUL2 Antibody
CXCL1 P09341 CXCL1 AND pure 4 2 CXCL1 Antibody
CXCL12 P48061 CXCL12 AND pure 9 CXCL12 Antibody
CXCL9 Q07325 CXCL9 AND pure 5 CXCL9 Antibody
CXCR6 O00574 CXCR6 AND pure 1 CXCR6 Antibody
CYBA P13498 CYBA AND pure 1 CYBA Antibody
CYBB P04839 CYBB AND pure 2 CYBB Antibody
CYC1 P08574 CYC1 AND pure 4 CYC1 Antibody
CYP11A1 P05108 CYP11A1 AND pure 17 CYP11A1 Antibody
CYP11B2 P19099 CYP11B2 AND pure 5 CYP11B2 Antibody
CYP1A1 P04798 CYP1A1 AND pure 51 2 CYP1A1 Antibody
CYP1B1 Q16678 CYP1B1 AND pure 2 1 CYP1B1 Antibody
CYP27A1 Q02318 CYP27A1 AND pure 1 CYP27A1 Antibody
CYP2A13 Q16696 CYP2A13 AND pure 1 1 CYP2A13 Antibody
CYP2B6 P20813 CYP2B6 AND pure 4 2 CYP2B6 Antibody
CYP2C19 P33261 CYP2C19 AND pure 13 4 CYP2C19 Antibody
CYP2C9 P11712 CYP2C9 AND pure 15 3 CYP2C9 Antibody
CYP2D6 P10635 CYP2D6 AND pure 27 6 CYP2D6 Antibody
CYP2E1 P05181 CYP2E1 AND pure 24 1 CYP2E1 Antibody
CYP3A4 P08684 CYP3A4 AND pure 28 4 CYP3A4 Antibody
CYP46A1 Q9Y6A2 CYP46A1 AND pure 1 CYP46A1 Antibody
CYP4B1 P13584 CYP4B1 AND pure 1 CYP4B1 Antibody
CYTB CYTB AND pure 1 CYTB Antibody
DAG1 Q14118 DAG1 AND pure 2 DAG1 Antibody
DAPK1 P53355 DAPK1 AND pure 1 DAPK1 Antibody
DAZL Q92904 DAZL AND pure 1 DAZL Antibody
DBI P07108 DBI AND pure 3 DBI Antibody
DBT P11182 DBT AND pure 4 1 DBT Antibody
DCC P43146 DCC AND pure 18 DCC Antibody
DCI P42126 DCI AND pure 5 DCI Antibody
DCK P27707 DCK AND pure 5 DCK Antibody
DCN P07585 DCN AND pure 32 DCN Antibody
DDC P20711 DDC AND pure 12 DDC Antibody
DDT B5MCS6 DDT AND pure 64 3 DDT Antibody
DFFB O76075 DFFB AND pure 1 DFFB Antibody
DFNA5 A4FVA8 DFNA5 AND pure 4 DFNA5 Antibody
DKC1 O60832 DKC1 AND pure 2 DKC1 Antibody
DKK1 O94907 DKK1 AND pure 2 DKK1 Antibody
DLC1 Q9Y238 DLC1 AND pure 1 DLC1 Antibody
DLD B2R5X0 DLD AND pure 9 DLD Antibody
DLK1 P80370 DLK1 AND pure 1 DLK1 Antibody
DMBT1 Q9UGM3 DMBT1 AND pure 2 DMBT1 Antibody
DMPK DMPK AND pure 2 DMPK Antibody
DNASE1 P24855 DNASE1 AND pure 1 DNASE1 Antibody
DNER DNER AND pure 1 1 DNER Antibody
DOK6 Q6PKX4 DOK6 AND pure 1 DOK6 Antibody
DRB1 Q8IUH3-3 DRB1 AND pure 15 DRB1 Antibody
DSCAM O60469 DSCAM AND pure 1 DSCAM Antibody
DTL Q9NZJ0 DTL AND pure 3 DTL Antibody
DTNB O60941 DTNB AND pure 31 DTNB Antibody
DTX1 Q86Y01 DTX1 AND pure 2 DTX1 Antibody
DUT P33316 DUT AND pure 3 DUT Antibody
DYNLL1 P63167 DYNLL1 AND pure 2 DYNLL1 Antibody
DYRK1A Q13627 DYRK1A AND pure 2 2 DYRK1A Antibody
E2F1 Q01094 E2F1 AND pure 4 1 E2F1 Antibody
E2F5 Q15329 E2F5 AND pure 1 1 E2F5 Antibody
E2F6 Q6Q9Z5 E2F6 AND pure 2 1 E2F6 Antibody
E2F8 A0AVK6 E2F8 AND pure 1 1 E2F8 Antibody
EBP Q15125 EBP AND pure 4 EBP Antibody
ECD O95905 ECD AND pure 47 2 ECD Antibody
EDA Q92838 EDA AND pure 18 2 EDA Antibody
EGF P01133 EGF AND pure 135 3 EGF Antibody
EGR1 P18146 EGR1 AND pure 6 EGR1 Antibody
EGR2 P11161 EGR2 AND pure 3 EGR2 Antibody
EIF2AK1 Q9BQI3 EIF2AK1 AND pure 5 EIF2AK1 Antibody
EIF3E P60228 EIF3E AND pure 4 EIF3E Antibody
EIF4E P06730 EIF4E AND pure 2 EIF4E Antibody
EIF4G1 Q04637 EIF4G1 AND pure 1 EIF4G1 Antibody
ENG P17813 ENG AND pure 142 12 ENG Antibody
ENPP2 Q13822 ENPP2 AND pure 1 ENPP2 Antibody
ENSA ENSA AND pure 1 ENSA Antibody
EPB41L2 EPB41L2 AND pure 7 EPB41L2 Antibody
EPHX1 P07099 EPHX1 AND pure 42 3 EPHX1 Antibody
EPO P01588 EPO AND pure 152 10 EPO Antibody
EPOR P19235 EPOR AND pure 8 1 EPOR Antibody
ERAS Q7Z444 ERAS AND pure 2 1 ERAS Antibody
ERG ERG AND pure 35 1 ERG Antibody
ESD P10768 ESD AND pure 9 1 ESD Antibody
ETFA P13804 ETFA AND pure 1 1 ETFA Antibody
ETS1 P14921 ETS1 AND pure 1 ETS1 Antibody
ETV6 P41212 ETV6 AND pure 1 ETV6 Antibody
eve P06602 eve AND pure 10 1 eve Antibody
EWSR1 Q01844 EWSR1 AND pure 1 1 EWSR1 Antibody
EXOSC6 Q5RKV6 EXOSC6 AND pure 1 EXOSC6 Antibody
EYA1 EYA1 AND pure 4 1 EYA1 Antibody
EZH2 EZH2 AND pure 1 EZH2 Antibody
F10 P00742 F10 AND pure 7 1 F10 Antibody
F12 P00748 F12 AND pure 29 4 F12 Antibody
FABP1 P07148 FABP1 AND pure 2 FABP1 Antibody
FAH P16930 FAH AND pure 1 FAH Antibody
FASLG P48023 FASLG AND pure 9 1 FASLG Antibody
FAU P62861 FAU AND pure 10 1 FAU Antibody
FBL P22087 FBL AND pure 2 FBL Antibody
FBXO7 Q9Y3I1 FBXO7 AND pure 2 1 FBXO7 Antibody
FES P07332 FES AND pure 20 1 FES Antibody
FFAR1 O14842 FFAR1 AND pure 2 1 FFAR1 Antibody
FGA Q4QQH7 FGA AND pure 3 FGA Antibody
FGF2 FGF2 AND pure 75 2 FGF2 Antibody
FGF21 Q9NSA1 FGF21 AND pure 1 FGF21 Antibody
FGG FGG AND pure 5 FGG Antibody
FGR P09769 FGR AND pure 2 FGR Antibody
FHIT P49789 FHIT AND pure 7 1 FHIT Antibody
FHOD3 FHOD3 AND pure 1 FHOD3 Antibody
FIP1L1 Q6UN15 FIP1L1 AND pure 1 1 FIP1L1 Antibody
FLAD1 Q8NFF5 FLAD1 AND pure 1 FLAD1 Antibody
FMO3 P31513 FMO3 AND pure 2 FMO3 Antibody
FMO4 P31512 FMO4 AND pure 2 FMO4 Antibody
FN1 Q564H7 FN1 AND pure 3 FN1 Antibody
FOLR1 P15328 FOLR1 AND pure 1 FOLR1 Antibody
FOXA1 Q0JTB6 FOXA1 AND pure 2 FOXA1 Antibody
FOXC1 Q12948 FOXC1 AND pure 2 FOXC1 Antibody
FOXP3 Q9BZS1 FOXP3 AND pure 21 5 FOXP3 Antibody
FST B5BU94 FST AND pure 13 FST Antibody
FTO Q9C0B1 FTO AND pure 4 3 FTO Antibody
FTSJ1 Q8IYT2 FTSJ1 AND pure 1 FTSJ1 Antibody
FUCA1 P04066 FUCA1 AND pure 1 FUCA1 Antibody
FURIN P09958 FURIN AND pure 4 FURIN Antibody
FUS FUS AND pure 9 3 FUS Antibody
FXR1 P51114 FXR1 AND pure 1 FXR1 Antibody
FYN P06241 FYN AND pure 3 FYN Antibody
FZD4 Q9ULV1 FZD4 AND pure 1 FZD4 Antibody
G6PD P11413 G6PD AND pure 21 G6PD Antibody
GAA P10253 GAA AND pure 15 1 GAA Antibody
GABRD O14764 GABRD AND pure 1 1 GABRD Antibody
GAD1 Q99259 GAD1 AND pure 3 GAD1 Antibody
GAL P22466 GAL AND pure 127 6 GAL Antibody
GALC P54803 GALC AND pure 2 GALC Antibody
GALE Q14376 GALE AND pure 19 1 GALE Antibody
GALM Q96C23 GALM AND pure 1 GALM Antibody
GALT P07902 GALT AND pure 6 GALT Antibody
GAMT GAMT AND pure 2 1 GAMT Antibody
GAN Q9H2C0 GAN AND pure 64 9 GAN Antibody
GAPDH Q2TSD0 GAPDH AND pure 29 1 GAPDH Antibody
GAPDHS O14556 GAPDHS AND pure 2 GAPDHS Antibody
GARS P41250 GARS AND pure 3 GARS Antibody
GART P22102 GART AND pure 1 GART Antibody
GATA1 P15976 GATA1 AND pure 4 GATA1 Antibody
GBL Q9BVC4 GBL AND pure 5 GBL Antibody
GBX-1 Q14549 GBX-1 AND pure 1 GBX-1 Antibody
GCG P01275 GCG AND pure 7 1 GCG Antibody
GCHFR P30047 GCHFR AND pure 1 GCHFR Antibody
GDF15 Q99988 GDF15 AND pure 4 GDF15 Antibody
GEFT Q86VW2 GEFT AND pure 1 GEFT Antibody
GEM P55040 GEM AND pure 17 1 GEM Antibody
GGN Q86UU5 GGN AND pure 2 GGN Antibody
GH2 O14643 GH2 AND pure 1 GH2 Antibody
GHR P10912 GHR AND pure 6 GHR Antibody
GLA P06280 GLA AND pure 31 3 GLA Antibody
GLI1 P08151 GLI1 AND pure 1 1 GLI1 Antibody
GLO1 Q04760 GLO1 AND pure 1 GLO1 Antibody
GLRX P35754 GLRX AND pure 1 GLRX Antibody
GLRX3 O76003 GLRX3 AND pure 1 GLRX3 Antibody
GLS O94925 GLS AND pure 9 GLS Antibody
GLUD1 P00367 GLUD1 AND pure 1 GLUD1 Antibody
GLUD2 P49448 GLUD2 AND pure 1 GLUD2 Antibody
GMPS P49915 GMPS AND pure 2 GMPS Antibody
GNAS P63092 GNAS AND pure 2 GNAS Antibody
GNAZ P19086 GNAZ AND pure 1 GNAZ Antibody
GNS P15586 GNS AND pure 4 1 GNS Antibody
GP2 P55259 GP2 AND pure 5 GP2 Antibody
GP6 Q9HCN6 GP6 AND pure 2 GP6 Antibody
GPD1 P21695 GPD1 AND pure 1 GPD1 Antibody
GPSM2 P81274 GPSM2 AND pure 1 GPSM2 Antibody
GPT P24298 GPT AND pure 22 GPT Antibody
GPX4 P36969 GPX4 AND pure 1 1 GPX4 Antibody
GRIA2 P42262 GRIA2 AND pure 1 1 GRIA2 Antibody
GRIP1 GRIP1 AND pure 5 GRIP1 Antibody
GSC P56915 GSC AND pure 3 1 GSC Antibody
GSR P00390 GSR AND pure 3 GSR Antibody
GSTM1 P46439 GSTM1 AND pure 6 1 GSTM1 Antibody
GSTP1 P09211 GSTP1 AND pure 24 GSTP1 Antibody
GSTT1 P30711 GSTT1 AND pure 5 1 GSTT1 Antibody
GSTZ1 O43708 GSTZ1 AND pure 1 GSTZ1 Antibody
H2AFX P16104 H2AFX AND pure 2 H2AFX Antibody
HAL P42357 HAL AND pure 22 HAL Antibody
HAMP P81172 HAMP AND pure 1 HAMP Antibody
HCFC1 P51610-3 HCFC1 AND pure 2 HCFC1 Antibody
HDAC1 Q13547 HDAC1 AND pure 3 HDAC1 Antibody
HELT A6NFD8 HELT AND pure 3 1 HELT Antibody
HES1 Q14469 HES1 AND pure 3 HES1 Antibody
HES5 Q5TA89 HES5 AND pure 2 HES5 Antibody
HEY1 Q9Y5J3 HEY1 AND pure 1 1 HEY1 Antibody
HFE Q30201 HFE AND pure 4 HFE Antibody
HGD Q93099 HGD AND pure 3 HGD Antibody
HGF P14210 HGF AND pure 21 1 HGF Antibody
HIF1AN Q9NWT6 HIF1AN AND pure 1 HIF1AN Antibody
HK2 P52789 HK2 AND pure 2 HK2 Antibody
HMGN1 P05114 HMGN1 AND pure 6 HMGN1 Antibody
HMOX1 P09601 HMOX1 AND pure 14 1 HMOX1 Antibody
HNF1A P20823 HNF1A AND pure 1 HNF1A Antibody
HPD P32754 HPD AND pure 15 3 HPD Antibody
HPRT1 P00492 HPRT1 AND pure 22 1 HPRT1 Antibody
HRB P52594 HRB AND pure 1 HRB Antibody
HRG P04196 HRG AND pure 2 HRG Antibody
HSD11B1 P28845 HSD11B1 AND pure 2 HSD11B1 Antibody
HSD11B2 P80365 HSD11B2 AND pure 1 HSD11B2 Antibody
HSPA8 P11142 HSPA8 AND pure 2 HSPA8 Antibody
HSPB8 Q9UJY1 HSPB8 AND pure 4 HSPB8 Antibody
HSPD1 P10809 HSPD1 AND pure 1 HSPD1 Antibody
HSPE1 P61604 HSPE1 AND pure 1 HSPE1 Antibody
HTR2A P28223 HTR2A AND pure 1 HTR2A Antibody
HTR3A P46098 HTR3A AND pure 8 HTR3A Antibody
IARS P41252 IARS AND pure 2 IARS Antibody
ICMT O60725 ICMT AND pure 1 ICMT Antibody
ID2 Q02363 ID2 AND pure 6 2 ID2 Antibody
IDH1 Q8LFC0 IDH1 AND pure 1 1 IDH1 Antibody
IFNGR2 P38484 IFNGR2 AND pure 1 IFNGR2 Antibody
IFRD1 O00458 IFRD1 AND pure 1 IFRD1 Antibody
IGF1R P08069 IGF1R AND pure 21 2 IGF1R Antibody
IGFBP2 P18065 IGFBP2 AND pure 5 IGFBP2 Antibody
IGFBP4 P22692 IGFBP4 AND pure 7 IGFBP4 Antibody
IHH Q14623 IHH AND pure 1 IHH Antibody
IL15 P40933 IL15 AND pure 9 IL15 Antibody
IL17D Q8TAD2 IL17D AND pure 1 1 IL17D Antibody
IL18RAP O95256 IL18RAP AND pure 1 IL18RAP Antibody
IL1A P01583 IL1A AND pure 2 1 IL1A Antibody
IL1B P01584 IL1B AND pure 2 IL1B Antibody
IL1RL1 Q01638 IL1RL1 AND pure 1 1 IL1RL1 Antibody
IL4 P05112 IL4 AND pure 2 IL4 Antibody
IL5 P05113 IL5 AND pure 2 IL5 Antibody
IL8RB P25025 IL8RB AND pure 3 IL8RB Antibody
IMP3 Q9NV31 IMP3 AND pure 2 IMP3 Antibody
ING5 Q8WYH8 ING5 AND pure 1 ING5 Antibody
INHA P05111 INHA AND pure 21 6 INHA Antibody
INSIG1 A4D2M9 INSIG1 AND pure 1 INSIG1 Antibody
INSL5 Q9Y5Q6 INSL5 AND pure 4 INSL5 Antibody
IPP Q9Y573 IPP AND pure 7 1 IPP Antibody
IRF2 P14316 IRF2 AND pure 1 IRF2 Antibody
IRF4 Q15306 IRF4 AND pure 1 IRF4 Antibody
IRF7 IRF7 AND pure 1 1 IRF7 Antibody
IRF8 Q02556 IRF8 AND pure 2 2 IRF8 Antibody
JAK3 P52333 JAK3 AND pure 1 1 JAK3 Antibody
JUND P17535 JUND AND pure 3 1 JUND Antibody
KARS Q15046 KARS AND pure 3 1 KARS Antibody
KDR P35968 KDR AND pure 6 KDR Antibody
KLB Q86Z14 KLB AND pure 1 KLB Antibody
KLK10 O43240 KLK10 AND pure 1 KLK10 Antibody
KLK2 KLK2 AND pure 1 KLK2 Antibody
KPNA2 P52292 KPNA2 AND pure 1 KPNA2 Antibody
KRAS P01111 KRAS AND pure 6 1 KRAS Antibody
KRT14 P02533 KRT14 AND pure 1 KRT14 Antibody
KRT20 P35900 KRT20 AND pure 3 KRT20 Antibody
KRT7 A5A6N0 KRT7 AND pure 5 KRT7 Antibody
KTN1 Q17RZ5 KTN1 AND pure 1 KTN1 Antibody
LAPTM4B Q86VI4-3 LAPTM4B AND pure 1 LAPTM4B Antibody
LBP P18428 LBP AND pure 11 1 LBP Antibody
LBR Q14739 LBR AND pure 3 1 LBR Antibody
LCAT P04180 LCAT AND pure 16 LCAT Antibody
LCK P06239 LCK AND pure 6 LCK Antibody
LDHA P00338 LDHA AND pure 3 1 LDHA Antibody
LDHD Q86WU2 LDHD AND pure 2 LDHD Antibody
LEFTY1 O75610 LEFTY1 AND pure 1 LEFTY1 Antibody
LEFTY2 O00292 LEFTY2 AND pure 1 LEFTY2 Antibody
LEP P41159 LEP AND pure 12 1 LEP Antibody
LGALS1 P09382 LGALS1 AND pure 2 LGALS1 Antibody
LGALS3 LGALS3 AND pure 6 1 LGALS3 Antibody
LGALS3BP Q08380 LGALS3BP AND pure 1 LGALS3BP Antibody
LHX1 P48742 LHX1 AND pure 1 LHX1 Antibody
LHX2 P50458 LHX2 AND pure 1 LHX2 Antibody
LIF P15018 LIF AND pure 64 5 LIF Antibody
LOC253012 A8MVW5 LOC253012 AND pure 1 1 LOC253012 Antibody
LOR LOR AND pure 2 1 LOR Antibody
LOXL1 Q08397 LOXL1 AND pure 1 LOXL1 Antibody
LPP Q93052 LPP AND pure 3 LPP Antibody
LSM1 O15116 LSM1 AND pure 1 1 LSM1 Antibody
LSR LSR AND pure 4 LSR Antibody
LSS P48449 LSS AND pure 7 1 LSS Antibody
LTB Q06643 LTB AND pure 8 1 LTB Antibody
LYN P07948 LYN AND pure 8 1 LYN Antibody
MAD2L1 Q13257 MAD2L1 AND pure 1 MAD2L1 Antibody
MAF O75444 MAF AND pure 11 MAF Antibody
MAFF Q9ULX9 MAFF AND pure 1 MAFF Antibody
MAGEA1 P43355 MAGEA1 AND pure 2 MAGEA1 Antibody
MAGEA3 P43357 MAGEA3 AND pure 2 MAGEA3 Antibody
MAGEA4 P43358 MAGEA4 AND pure 1 MAGEA4 Antibody
MAGEB2 O15479 MAGEB2 AND pure 1 MAGEB2 Antibody
MAK P20794 MAK AND pure 26 1 MAK Antibody
MAOA P21397 MAOA AND pure 3 MAOA Antibody
MAOB P27338 MAOB AND pure 1 MAOB Antibody
MAP2K3 P46734-2 MAP2K3 AND pure 1 1 MAP2K3 Antibody
MAP2K7 O14733 MAP2K7 AND pure 1 1 MAP2K7 Antibody
MAPK14 Q16539 MAPK14 AND pure 1 1 MAPK14 Antibody
MAPKAPK2 P49137 MAPKAPK2 AND pure 2 MAPKAPK2 Antibody
MAPT P10636-8 MAPT AND pure 6 MAPT Antibody
MARS P56192 MARS AND pure 41 3 MARS Antibody
MATR3 P43243 MATR3 AND pure 1 1 MATR3 Antibody
MBNL1 Q86VM6 MBNL1 AND pure 2 MBNL1 Antibody
MBP P02686 MBP AND pure 72 1 MBP Antibody
MCTS1 Q9ULC4 MCTS1 AND pure 2 MCTS1 Antibody
ME1 P48163 ME1 AND pure 1 ME1 Antibody
ME2 P23368 ME2 AND pure 11 1 ME2 Antibody
ME3 Q16798 ME3 AND pure 4 ME3 Antibody
MECP2 P51608 MECP2 AND pure 3 1 MECP2 Antibody
MED4 Q9NPJ6 MED4 AND pure 2 1 MED4 Antibody
MED7 O43513 MED7 AND pure 1 1 MED7 Antibody
MEF2D Q14814 MEF2D AND pure 2 MEF2D Antibody
MELK Q14680 MELK AND pure 1 MELK Antibody
MFN2 O95140 MFN2 AND pure 1 MFN2 Antibody
MGMT P16455 MGMT AND pure 8 1 MGMT Antibody
MGP P08493 MGP AND pure 8 1 MGP Antibody
MGST2 Q99735 MGST2 AND pure 1 MGST2 Antibody
MICA Q29983 MICA AND pure 69 4 MICA Antibody
MLH1 P40692 MLH1 AND pure 11 MLH1 Antibody
MLH3 Q2M1Z1 MLH3 AND pure 1 MLH3 Antibody
MLN P12872 MLN AND pure 11 1 MLN Antibody
MLX Q9UH92 MLX AND pure 1 MLX Antibody
MMP1 P03956 MMP1 AND pure 3 MMP1 Antibody
MMP13 P45452 MMP13 AND pure 3 MMP13 Antibody
MMP2 P08253 MMP2 AND pure 3 MMP2 Antibody
MMP3 P08254 MMP3 AND pure 2 1 MMP3 Antibody
MMP7 P09237 MMP7 AND pure 1 MMP7 Antibody
MNT MNT AND pure 6 1 MNT Antibody
MOS P00540 MOS AND pure 32 3 MOS Antibody
MSH2 MSH2 AND pure 9 MSH2 Antibody
MSH6 P52701 MSH6 AND pure 3 MSH6 Antibody
MSLN Q13421-3 MSLN AND pure 1 MSLN Antibody
MSRA Q9UJ68 MSRA AND pure 2 MSRA Antibody
MTR Q99707 MTR AND pure 6 MTR Antibody
MTX2 Q8IZ68 MTX2 AND pure 1 MTX2 Antibody
MUC1 Q7Z550 MUC1 AND pure 18 4 MUC1 Antibody
MVK Q03426 MVK AND pure 1 MVK Antibody
MVP Q14764 MVP AND pure 18 MVP Antibody
MYB MYB AND pure 7 1 MYB Antibody
MYBL2 P10244 MYBL2 AND pure 1 MYBL2 Antibody
MYD88 Q99836 MYD88 AND pure 9 MYD88 Antibody
MYH9 P35579 MYH9 AND pure 2 MYH9 Antibody
MYT1 Q01538 MYT1 AND pure 1 MYT1 Antibody
NANOG Q9H9S0 NANOG AND pure 6 1 NANOG Antibody
NANP Q8TBE9 NANP AND pure 2 NANP Antibody
NAPA P54920 NAPA AND pure 8 NAPA Antibody
NAPB Q9H115 NAPB AND pure 2 NAPB Antibody
NAT2 NAT2 AND pure 10 1 NAT2 Antibody
NCL NCL AND pure 39 2 NCL Antibody
NCOA2 Q15596 NCOA2 AND pure 3 NCOA2 Antibody
NCOA3 Q0VF45 NCOA3 AND pure 1 NCOA3 Antibody
NCOR1 Q86YY0 NCOR1 AND pure 6 NCOR1 Antibody
NCOR2 NCOR2 AND pure 6 NCOR2 Antibody
ND5 P03915 ND5 AND pure 1 1 ND5 Antibody
ND6 P03923 ND6 AND pure 2 ND6 Antibody
NDN Q99608 NDN AND pure 1 NDN Antibody
NDP Q00604 NDP AND pure 10 NDP Antibody
NEDD4 B4E2R7 NEDD4 AND pure 2 NEDD4 Antibody
NEDD4L Q96PU5-5 NEDD4L AND pure 1 NEDD4L Antibody
NEDD9 Q14511 NEDD9 AND pure 1 NEDD9 Antibody
NES P48681 NES AND pure 14 NES Antibody
NFATC1 Q2M1S3 NFATC1 AND pure 2 NFATC1 Antibody
NFE2L2 Q16236 NFE2L2 AND pure 1 NFE2L2 Antibody
NFKB1 P19838 NFKB1 AND pure 1 1 NFKB1 Antibody
NFKBIA P25963 NFKBIA AND pure 1 NFKBIA Antibody
NIPA2 Q8N8Q9 NIPA2 AND pure 1 NIPA2 Antibody
NKX2-3 Q8TAU0 NKX2-3 AND pure 1 NKX2-3 Antibody
NKX6-1 P78426 NKX6-1 AND pure 1 NKX6-1 Antibody
NME1 P22392 NME1 AND pure 2 NME1 Antibody
NME4 O00746 NME4 AND pure 1 NME4 Antibody
NMT1 P30419 NMT1 AND pure 1 NMT1 Antibody
NNT Q13423 NNT AND pure 9 NNT Antibody
NODAL Q96S42 NODAL AND pure 155 11 NODAL Antibody
NOG Q13253 NOG AND pure 2 NOG Antibody
NOLC1 Q14978 NOLC1 AND pure 1 NOLC1 Antibody
NONO Q15233 NONO AND pure 3 NONO Antibody
NOTCH1 P46531 NOTCH1 AND pure 1 NOTCH1 Antibody
NOV P48745 NOV AND pure 116 4 NOV Antibody
NPHP1 O15259-4 NPHP1 AND pure 3 NPHP1 Antibody
NR4A2 P43354 NR4A2 AND pure 2 NR4A2 Antibody
NR6A1 Q15406 NR6A1 AND pure 1 NR6A1 Antibody
NRG1 Q7RTW3 NRG1 AND pure 2 NRG1 Antibody
NRM Q8IXM6 NRM AND pure 1 NRM Antibody
NSF NSF AND pure 27 5 NSF Antibody
NTRK3 Q16288-3 NTRK3 AND pure 4 NTRK3 Antibody
OAS1 P00973-2 OAS1 AND pure 1 OAS1 Antibody
OAS2 P29728-2 OAS2 AND pure 1 OAS2 Antibody
OCA2 Q04671 OCA2 AND pure 1 OCA2 Antibody
OGDH Q96DD3 OGDH AND pure 1 OGDH Antibody
OGT O15294 OGT AND pure 2 OGT Antibody
OLAH Q9NV23 OLAH AND pure 8 OLAH Antibody
OLR1 OLR1 AND pure 1 OLR1 Antibody
OMD Q99983 OMD AND pure 2 OMD Antibody
OMG P23515 OMG AND pure 2 OMG Antibody
OMP P47874 OMP AND pure 8 2 OMP Antibody
OTC P00480 OTC AND pure 16 2 OTC Antibody
OTOS Q8NHW6 OTOS AND pure 1 OTOS Antibody
P2RY12 P2RY12 AND pure 1 P2RY12 Antibody
PAM A6NMR0 PAM AND pure 33 6 PAM Antibody
PAOX Q6QHF9-2 PAOX AND pure 1 1 PAOX Antibody
PARK7 Q99497 PARK7 AND pure 1 PARK7 Antibody
PARL Q9H300-2 PARL AND pure 1 PARL Antibody
PAX2 PAX2 AND pure 3 PAX2 Antibody
PAX3 Q494Z3 PAX3 AND pure 2 1 PAX3 Antibody
PAX6 P26367-2 PAX6 AND pure 7 1 PAX6 Antibody
PBK Q96KB5 PBK AND pure 2 PBK Antibody
PC4 PC4 AND pure 2 PC4 Antibody
PCCA Q8WXQ7 PCCA AND pure 3 PCCA Antibody
PCCB P05166 PCCB AND pure 1 PCCB Antibody
PCDH15 A2A3E5 PCDH15 AND pure 2 PCDH15 Antibody
PCDHA4 PCDHA4 AND pure 1 PCDHA4 Antibody
PCNA P12004 PCNA AND pure 64 2 PCNA Antibody
PDCD4 PDCD4 AND pure 1 PDCD4 Antibody
PDCD8 O95831-2 PDCD8 AND pure 2 PDCD8 Antibody
PDE3A Q14432 PDE3A AND pure 1 PDE3A Antibody
PDE3B Q13370 PDE3B AND pure 1 PDE3B Antibody
PDE9A O76083-13 PDE9A AND pure 1 PDE9A Antibody
PDGFB P01127 PDGFB AND pure 6 PDGFB Antibody
PDK4 Q16654 PDK4 AND pure 1 1 PDK4 Antibody
PDPN N/A PDPN AND pure 3 PDPN Antibody
PDSS1 Q5T2R2 PDSS1 AND pure 1 PDSS1 Antibody
PDSS2 Q86YH6 PDSS2 AND pure 2 PDSS2 Antibody
PEBP1 P30086 PEBP1 AND pure 3 PEBP1 Antibody
PECI Q7L124 PECI AND pure 2 PECI Antibody
PEMT Q9BW86 PEMT AND pure 1 PEMT Antibody
PENK P01210 PENK AND pure 1 PENK Antibody
PEPD P12955 PEPD AND pure 1 PEPD Antibody
PER2 O15055 PER2 AND pure 2 PER2 Antibody
PERP Q96FX8 PERP AND pure 1 PERP Antibody
PF4V1 P10720 PF4V1 AND pure 1 PF4V1 Antibody
PFAS O15067 PFAS AND pure 2 1 PFAS Antibody
PFN1 P07737 PFN1 AND pure 2 PFN1 Antibody
PGDS O60760 PGDS AND pure 2 PGDS Antibody
PGK2 P07205 PGK2 AND pure 1 PGK2 Antibody
PGLS O95336 PGLS AND pure 1 PGLS Antibody
PGM1 P36871 PGM1 AND pure 5 PGM1 Antibody
PGM3 O95394 PGM3 AND pure 2 PGM3 Antibody
PH-4 Q9NXG6 PH-4 AND pure 292 17 PH-4 Antibody
PHB P35232 PHB AND pure 50 7 PHB Antibody
PHF1 O43189 PHF1 AND pure 1 PHF1 Antibody
PHGDH O43175 PHGDH AND pure 1 PHGDH Antibody
PI3 P19957 PI3 AND pure 9 1 PI3 Antibody
PIGA P37287 PIGA AND pure 1 PIGA Antibody
PIGT Q969N2 PIGT AND pure 1 PIGT Antibody
PIM1 P11309-2 PIM1 AND pure 1 PIM1 Antibody
PIR O00625 PIR AND pure 17 PIR Antibody
PITX1 P78337 PITX1 AND pure 3 PITX1 Antibody
PITX2 Q99697 PITX2 AND pure 2 PITX2 Antibody
PLAT P00750-3 PLAT AND pure 2 PLAT Antibody
PLCB1 D3DW13 PLCB1 AND pure 2 PLCB1 Antibody
PLCD1 P51178 PLCD1 AND pure 4 PLCD1 Antibody
PLD2 O14939 PLD2 AND pure 1 PLD2 Antibody
PLDN Q9UL45 PLDN AND pure 1 PLDN Antibody
PLG Q5R8X6 PLG AND pure 11 1 PLG Antibody
PLS1 Q14651 PLS1 AND pure 2 PLS1 Antibody
PML PML AND pure 11 1 PML Antibody
PMS2 P54278 PMS2 AND pure 1 PMS2 Antibody
PNN PNN AND pure 3 PNN Antibody
PNPO Q9NVS9 PNPO AND pure 1 PNPO Antibody
POLI POLI AND pure 24 2 POLI Antibody
POLK Q9UBT6 POLK AND pure 5 POLK Antibody
POLL Q9UGP5 POLL AND pure 10 1 POLL Antibody
POLS Q5XG87 POLS AND pure 1 POLS Antibody
PON1 P27169 PON1 AND pure 4 1 PON1 Antibody
POR Q63HL4 POR AND pure 14 3 POR Antibody
POU3F4 P49335 POU3F4 AND pure 4 POU3F4 Antibody
POU4F3 Q15319 POU4F3 AND pure 4 POU4F3 Antibody
POU5F1 Q01860-2 POU5F1 AND pure 9 2 POU5F1 Antibody
PPARA Q07869 PPARA AND pure 1 1 PPARA Antibody
PPARG P37231 PPARG AND pure 17 PPARG Antibody
PPAT Q06203 PPAT AND pure 1 PPAT Antibody
PPIA P62937 PPIA AND pure 3 PPIA Antibody
PPL O60437 PPL AND pure 12 PPL Antibody
prd P06601 prd AND pure 1 1 prd Antibody
PRDX1 Q06830 PRDX1 AND pure 1 PRDX1 Antibody
PREP P48147 PREP AND pure 18 3 PREP Antibody
PRF1 P14222 PRF1 AND pure 1 PRF1 Antibody
PRKAB2 O43741 PRKAB2 AND pure 1 PRKAB2 Antibody
PRKAR1B P31321 PRKAR1B AND pure 1 PRKAR1B Antibody
PRKCG P05129 PRKCG AND pure 4 PRKCG Antibody
PRKRA O75569 PRKRA AND pure 2 PRKRA Antibody
PROC P04070 PROC AND pure 108 3 PROC Antibody
PRPH P41219 PRPH AND pure 1 PRPH Antibody
PSEN1 P49768 PSEN1 AND pure 5 PSEN1 Antibody
PSEN2 P49810 PSEN2 AND pure 1 PSEN2 Antibody
PSG5 Q15238 PSG5 AND pure 1 PSG5 Antibody
PSME2 Q9UL46 PSME2 AND pure 1 PSME2 Antibody
PTGDS P41222 PTGDS AND pure 1 PTGDS Antibody
PTGS1 P23219 PTGS1 AND pure 23 1 PTGS1 Antibody
PTN PTN AND pure 1 PTN Antibody
PTPN1 P18031 PTPN1 AND pure 3 PTPN1 Antibody
PTPN11 Q06124-2 PTPN11 AND pure 2 PTPN11 Antibody
PTPN2 P17706 PTPN2 AND pure 1 PTPN2 Antibody
PTPRA P18433 PTPRA AND pure 1 PTPRA Antibody
PTTG1 O95997 PTTG1 AND pure 1 PTTG1 Antibody
PTX3 P26022 PTX3 AND pure 2 PTX3 Antibody
PURA Q00577 PURA AND pure 6 1 PURA Antibody
PURB Q96QR8 PURB AND pure 3 PURB Antibody
PURG PURG AND pure 2 PURG Antibody
PYY P10082 PYY AND pure 12 1 PYY Antibody
RAB23 Q9ULC3 RAB23 AND pure 1 RAB23 Antibody
RAB27A P51159 RAB27A AND pure 1 RAB27A Antibody
RAB3A P20336 RAB3A AND pure 1 RAB3A Antibody
RAB9A P51151 RAB9A AND pure 1 RAB9A Antibody
RAC1 P60763 RAC1 AND pure 4 1 RAC1 Antibody
RAD1 O60671 RAD1 AND pure 1 RAD1 Antibody
RAD51 Q06609-2 RAD51 AND pure 3 RAD51 Antibody
RAGE Q9UQ07 RAGE AND pure 7 RAGE Antibody
RALB P36860 RALB AND pure 1 RALB Antibody
RAN P62826 RAN AND pure 46 5 RAN Antibody
RAP1B P61224 RAP1B AND pure 1 RAP1B Antibody
RAP1GAP P47736 RAP1GAP AND pure 1 RAP1GAP Antibody
RARA P10276-2 RARA AND pure 4 RARA Antibody
RASGRF1 Q13972-2 RASGRF1 AND pure 4 RASGRF1 Antibody
RB1 P06400 RB1 AND pure 19 1 RB1 Antibody
RBBP8 A6NKN2 RBBP8 AND pure 1 RBBP8 Antibody
RBM24 Q9BX46-2 RBM24 AND pure 1 RBM24 Antibody
RBP1 P09455 RBP1 AND pure 1 RBP1 Antibody
RBX1 AAH17370 RBX1 AND pure 1 1 RBX1 Antibody
RDX P35241 RDX AND pure 26 5 RDX Antibody
REEP1 Q9H902 REEP1 AND pure 2 REEP1 Antibody
REM1 O75628 REM1 AND pure 1 1 REM1 Antibody
REN P00797 REN AND pure 107 10 REN Antibody
RERE Q9P2R6 RERE AND pure 1 RERE Antibody
Rgs1 Q9JL25 Rgs1 AND pure 2 Rgs1 Antibody
Rgs10 Q9CQE5 Rgs10 AND pure 1 Rgs10 Antibody
Rgs7 P49802-2 Rgs7 AND pure 2 Rgs7 Antibody
RHOA P61586 RHOA AND pure 1 RHOA Antibody
RHOB P62745 RHOB AND pure 2 RHOB Antibody
RHOC P08134 RHOC AND pure 2 RHOC Antibody
RIPK2 O43353 RIPK2 AND pure 1 RIPK2 Antibody
RNF43 Q68DV7 RNF43 AND pure 1 RNF43 Antibody
RP11-217H1.1 B4DH58 RP11-217H1.1 AND pure 6 RP11-217H1.1 Antibody
RP11-269F19.9 Q5JR98 RP11-269F19.9 AND pure 6 RP11-269F19.9 Antibody
RP11-298P3.3 RP11-298P3.3 AND pure 6 RP11-298P3.3 Antibody
RP11-50D16.3 Q5JS37 RP11-50D16.3 AND pure 6 RP11-50D16.3 Antibody
RP11-529I10.4 Q9BVM2 RP11-529I10.4 AND pure 6 RP11-529I10.4 Antibody
RP11-78J21.1 Q5TBS2 RP11-78J21.1 AND pure 6 RP11-78J21.1 Antibody
RP11-82K18.3 RP11-82K18.3 AND pure 6 RP11-82K18.3 Antibody
RP2 O75695 RP2 AND pure 1 RP2 Antibody
RPE Q96AT9 RPE AND pure 45 2 RPE Antibody
RPL5 P46777 RPL5 AND pure 3 1 RPL5 Antibody
RPS14 P62263 RPS14 AND pure 1 RPS14 Antibody
RPS15 P62841 RPS15 AND pure 1 1 RPS15 Antibody
RPS16 P17008 RPS16 AND pure 1 RPS16 Antibody
RPS24 P62847 RPS24 AND pure 4 1 RPS24 Antibody
RPS3A P61247 RPS3A AND pure 1 1 RPS3A Antibody
RPS7 P62081 RPS7 AND pure 1 1 RPS7 Antibody
RPSA P08865 RPSA AND pure 2 RPSA Antibody
RSF1 RSF1 AND pure 1 RSF1 Antibody
RTN1 Q16799-2 RTN1 AND pure 1 RTN1 Antibody
S100A9 P06702 S100A9 AND pure 6 1 S100A9 Antibody
SAC Q96PN6 SAC AND pure 361 17 SAC Antibody
SAR1B Q9Y6B6 SAR1B AND pure 1 SAR1B Antibody
SARS Q5T5C8 SARS AND pure 14 1 SARS Antibody
SASP Q53RT3 SASP AND pure 2 SASP Antibody
SCD O00767 SCD AND pure 20 2 SCD Antibody
SCP2 Q6NXF4 SCP2 AND pure 4 SCP2 Antibody
SDSL Q96GA7 SDSL AND pure 1 SDSL Antibody
SEC63 Q9UGP8 SEC63 AND pure 2 SEC63 Antibody
SELS SELS AND pure 3 SELS Antibody
SEPT2 Q15019 SEPT2 AND pure 1 SEPT2 Antibody
SERPINA3 P01011 SERPINA3 AND pure 1 SERPINA3 Antibody
SERPINA5 P05154 SERPINA5 AND pure 3 SERPINA5 Antibody
SERPINB1 P30740 SERPINB1 AND pure 1 SERPINB1 Antibody
SERPINB2 P05120 SERPINB2 AND pure 2 SERPINB2 Antibody
SERPINE1 P05121 SERPINE1 AND pure 22 2 SERPINE1 Antibody
SERPINE2 P07093 SERPINE2 AND pure 2 SERPINE2 Antibody
SF1 Q15637 SF1 AND pure 4 2 SF1 Antibody
SFN P31947 SFN AND pure 7 2 SFN Antibody
SFRP1 Q8N474 SFRP1 AND pure 3 SFRP1 Antibody
SGCE B5MDA7 SGCE AND pure 2 1 SGCE Antibody
SGK1 O00141 SGK1 AND pure 1 SGK1 Antibody
SHB Q15464 SHB AND pure 1 SHB Antibody
SHC1 P29353 SHC1 AND pure 3 SHC1 Antibody
SHH Q15465 SHH AND pure 6 2 SHH Antibody
SHOX O15266 SHOX AND pure 2 SHOX Antibody
SILV P40967 SILV AND pure 3 1 SILV Antibody
SIRT1 Q96EB6 SIRT1 AND pure 1 SIRT1 Antibody
SIRT2 Q8IXJ6 SIRT2 AND pure 1 SIRT2 Antibody
SIX1 Q15475 SIX1 AND pure 2 1 SIX1 Antibody
SLA Q5TZW1 SLA AND pure 18 3 SLA Antibody
SLC11A1 P49279 SLC11A1 AND pure 1 SLC11A1 Antibody
SLC12A1 Q8IUN5 SLC12A1 AND pure 2 SLC12A1 Antibody
SLC18A2 Q05940 SLC18A2 AND pure 1 SLC18A2 Antibody
SLC19A1 P41440 SLC19A1 AND pure 4 SLC19A1 Antibody
SLC19A3 Q9BZV2 SLC19A3 AND pure 1 SLC19A3 Antibody
SLC1A1 P43005 SLC1A1 AND pure 1 SLC1A1 Antibody
SLC25A14 Q5JY88 SLC25A14 AND pure 1 SLC25A14 Antibody
SLC26A1 Q9H2B4 SLC26A1 AND pure 1 SLC26A1 Antibody
SLC26A4 O43511 SLC26A4 AND pure 8 2 SLC26A4 Antibody
SLC2A2 P11168 SLC2A2 AND pure 1 1 SLC2A2 Antibody
SLC2A4 P14672 SLC2A4 AND pure 4 SLC2A4 Antibody
SLC38A2 Q96QD8 SLC38A2 AND pure 1 SLC38A2 Antibody
SLC38A5 Q8WUX1 SLC38A5 AND pure 1 SLC38A5 Antibody
SLC39A10 Q9ULF5 SLC39A10 AND pure 1 SLC39A10 Antibody
SLC45A2 Q6P2P0 SLC45A2 AND pure 1 SLC45A2 Antibody
SLC6A1 P30531 SLC6A1 AND pure 1 SLC6A1 Antibody
SLC6A2 P23975 SLC6A2 AND pure 3 SLC6A2 Antibody
SLC6A5 Q9Y345 SLC6A5 AND pure 1 SLC6A5 Antibody
SLC6A8 P48029 SLC6A8 AND pure 1 1 SLC6A8 Antibody
SLC9A1 SLC9A1 AND pure 1 SLC9A1 Antibody
SLC9A8 Q2M1U9 SLC9A8 AND pure 1 SLC9A8 Antibody
SLCO1B1 Q9Y6L6 SLCO1B1 AND pure 1 SLCO1B1 Antibody
SLCO2B1 O94956 SLCO2B1 AND pure 1 SLCO2B1 Antibody
SMAD3 Q92940 SMAD3 AND pure 2 SMAD3 Antibody
SMN1 Q16637 SMN1 AND pure 2 SMN1 Antibody
SNAP23 O00161 SNAP23 AND pure 1 SNAP23 Antibody
SNAP25 P60879 SNAP25 AND pure 4 SNAP25 Antibody
SNCA P37840-2 SNCA AND pure 14 SNCA Antibody
SNRP70 P08621 SNRP70 AND pure 1 SNRP70 Antibody
SNRPF P62306 SNRPF AND pure 3 SNRPF Antibody
SOCS1 O15524 SOCS1 AND pure 1 SOCS1 Antibody
SOD1 P00441 SOD1 AND pure 23 5 SOD1 Antibody
SOD2 P04179 SOD2 AND pure 4 SOD2 Antibody
SOX10 P56693 SOX10 AND pure 2 1 SOX10 Antibody
SOX11 P35716 SOX11 AND pure 1 SOX11 Antibody
SOX17 Q9H6I2 SOX17 AND pure 1 SOX17 Antibody
SP2 SP2 AND pure 21 1 SP2 Antibody
SP3 Q02447 SP3 AND pure 13 SP3 Antibody
SP4 Q02446 SP4 AND pure 8 SP4 Antibody
SP6 P55212 SP6 AND pure 6 SP6 Antibody
SPA17 Q15506 SPA17 AND pure 1 SPA17 Antibody
SPAG8 SPAG8 AND pure 1 SPAG8 Antibody
SPINT1 B2RBU9 SPINT1 AND pure 1 SPINT1 Antibody
SRC P12931 SRC AND pure 75 2 SRC Antibody
SRD5A2 Q28892 SRD5A2 AND pure 7 SRD5A2 Antibody
SREBF2 Q12772 SREBF2 AND pure 1 SREBF2 Antibody
SRF P11831 SRF AND pure 4 SRF Antibody
SRR Q9GZT4 SRR AND pure 5 1 SRR Antibody
SSB P05455 SSB AND pure 19 1 SSB Antibody
SSR2 P43308 SSR2 AND pure 1 SSR2 Antibody
SSX1 Q16384 SSX1 AND pure 1 SSX1 Antibody
ST14 Q8WVC1 ST14 AND pure 1 ST14 Antibody
STAT1 P42224 STAT1 AND pure 6 1 STAT1 Antibody
STAT4 Q14765 STAT4 AND pure 1 STAT4 Antibody
STAT5A P42229 STAT5A AND pure 1 1 STAT5A Antibody
STATH P02808 STATH AND pure 6 STATH Antibody
STC1 P52823 STC1 AND pure 1 STC1 Antibody
STK11 Q15831 STK11 AND pure 1 STK11 Antibody
STRAP Q9Y3F4 STRAP AND pure 4 STRAP Antibody
STS P08842 STS AND pure 40 2 STS Antibody
SUFU Q9UMX1 SUFU AND pure 1 SUFU Antibody
SULT1A1 P50226 SULT1A1 AND pure 1 SULT1A1 Antibody
SULT1C2 O00338 SULT1C2 AND pure 1 SULT1C2 Antibody
SUPT4H1 P63272 SUPT4H1 AND pure 1 SUPT4H1 Antibody
SUPT5H O00267 SUPT5H AND pure 1 SUPT5H Antibody
SYCP1 Q15431 SYCP1 AND pure 1 SYCP1 Antibody
SYP B2R7L6 SYP AND pure 2 SYP Antibody
TAF1 P21675-2 TAF1 AND pure 2 1 TAF1 Antibody
TAF4 O00268 TAF4 AND pure 1 TAF4 Antibody
TANK Q92844 TANK AND pure 68 6 TANK Antibody
TAP1 Q03518 TAP1 AND pure 1 1 TAP1 Antibody
TARS Q5M7Z9 TARS AND pure 19 2 TARS Antibody
TBP P20226 TBP AND pure 19 3 TBP Antibody
TCAP O15273 TCAP AND pure 1 TCAP Antibody
TCEA3 O75764 TCEA3 AND pure 1 TCEA3 Antibody
TCF12 Q99081 TCF12 AND pure 1 TCF12 Antibody
TCF3 P15923 TCF3 AND pure 14 2 TCF3 Antibody
TEC P42680 TEC AND pure 22 1 TEC Antibody
TFAP2A P05549 TFAP2A AND pure 4 TFAP2A Antibody
TFAP2B Q92481 TFAP2B AND pure 2 TFAP2B Antibody
TFAP2C Q92754 TFAP2C AND pure 4 TFAP2C Antibody
TFF1 P04155 TFF1 AND pure 29 TFF1 Antibody
TFPI2 P48307 TFPI2 AND pure 1 TFPI2 Antibody
TGFB2 P61812 TGFB2 AND pure 9 TGFB2 Antibody
TGFB3 P10600 TGFB3 AND pure 4 1 TGFB3 Antibody
THPO P40225 THPO AND pure 1 THPO Antibody
TIRAP Q56UH9 TIRAP AND pure 1 TIRAP Antibody
TLR9 Q9NR96 TLR9 AND pure 12 1 TLR9 Antibody
TMPRSS3 P57727 TMPRSS3 AND pure 1 TMPRSS3 Antibody
TNFRSF10B O14763 TNFRSF10B AND pure 2 TNFRSF10B Antibody
TNFRSF11B O00300 TNFRSF11B AND pure 14 1 TNFRSF11B Antibody
TNFRSF25 TNFRSF25 AND pure 2 1 TNFRSF25 Antibody
TNFSF10 P50591 TNFSF10 AND pure 7 TNFSF10 Antibody
TNFSF13B Q9Y275 TNFSF13B AND pure 2 TNFSF13B Antibody
TNFSF14 O43557 TNFSF14 AND pure 1 1 TNFSF14 Antibody
TOP2A P11388 TOP2A AND pure 3 TOP2A Antibody
TOP2B Q02880-2 TOP2B AND pure 1 TOP2B Antibody
TP73 O15350 TP73 AND pure 1 TP73 Antibody
TPK1 Q9H3S4 TPK1 AND pure 1 TPK1 Antibody
TPX2 Q9ULW0 TPX2 AND pure 2 TPX2 Antibody
TRADD Q15628 TRADD AND pure 1 TRADD Antibody
TRAF1 Q13077 TRAF1 AND pure 1 TRAF1 Antibody
TREM2 Q9NZC2 TREM2 AND pure 1 TREM2 Antibody
TRIM5 Q9C035 TRIM5 AND pure 1 TRIM5 Antibody
TROVE2 Q5LJA0 TROVE2 AND pure 1 TROVE2 Antibody
TRPC3 Q13507 TRPC3 AND pure 1 1 TRPC3 Antibody
TRPM2 O94759 TRPM2 AND pure 12 1 TRPM2 Antibody
TSHR TSHR AND pure 10 TSHR Antibody
TSPAN2 O60636 TSPAN2 AND pure 1 1 TSPAN2 Antibody
TST Q16762 TST AND pure 5 1 TST Antibody
TTL Q8NG68 TTL AND pure 5 1 TTL Antibody
TUBE1 Q9UJT0 TUBE1 AND pure 236 9 TUBE1 Antibody
TYR P14679 TYR AND pure 224 3 TYR Antibody
TYRP1 P17643 TYRP1 AND pure 1 TYRP1 Antibody
UBE2L3 Q5R5I4 UBE2L3 AND pure 1 UBE2L3 Antibody
UGT1A1 P22309 UGT1A1 AND pure 2 UGT1A1 Antibody
UGT1A9 O60656 UGT1A9 AND pure 1 UGT1A9 Antibody
UMOD P07911 UMOD AND pure 5 UMOD Antibody
UROD P06132 UROD AND pure 1 UROD Antibody
UST Q9Y2C2 UST AND pure 5 UST Antibody
VGF O15240 VGF AND pure 1 VGF Antibody
VIM P08670 VIM AND pure 3 VIM Antibody
VISA Q2HWT5 VISA AND pure 4 1 VISA Antibody
VPS16 VPS16 AND pure 1 VPS16 Antibody
WNT3A P56704 WNT3A AND pure 3 1 WNT3A Antibody
YARS P54577 YARS AND pure 1 YARS Antibody
ZBTB16 Q05516 ZBTB16 AND pure 1 ZBTB16 Antibody
ZFX P17010 ZFX AND pure 1 ZFX Antibody
ZFY P08048 ZFY AND pure 9 ZFY Antibody
ZFYVE27 ZFYVE27 AND pure 1 ZFYVE27 Antibody