Aviva Disease Resource

Disease: nevi

* Genes are ranked by the number of publications which include both nevi and the gene.

Gene Name Uniprot Pubmed Publication 2010 Publication Product
ABCB1 P08183 ABCB1 AND nevi 3 1 ABCB1 Antibody
ABCG2 Q9UNQ0 ABCG2 AND nevi 1 ABCG2 Antibody
ACO1 P28271 ACO1 AND nevi 1 1 ACO1 Antibody
ADA P00813 ADA AND nevi 3 ADA Antibody
ADAM15 Q71S69 ADAM15 AND nevi 1 1 ADAM15 Antibody
ADC Q96A70 ADC AND nevi 18 2 ADC Antibody
AGGF1 Q8N302 AGGF1 AND nevi 1 AGGF1 Antibody
AKT1 P31749 AKT1 AND nevi 5 AKT1 Antibody
ALB P02768 ALB AND nevi 1 ALB Antibody
ALDOB P05062 ALDOB AND nevi 1 ALDOB Antibody
AMFR Q6PGR1 AMFR AND nevi 1 AMFR Antibody
AMH Q6GTN3 AMH AND nevi 2 AMH Antibody
AMN Q9BXJ7 AMN AND nevi 16 1 AMN Antibody
AMT P48728 AMT AND nevi 2 1 AMT Antibody
ANXA5 Q6FHB3 ANXA5 AND nevi 1 ANXA5 Antibody
APEX1 APEX1 AND nevi 1 APEX1 Antibody
ARPC2 O15144 ARPC2 AND nevi 1 ARPC2 Antibody
ASS P00966 ASS AND nevi 1 ASS Antibody
ATP2A2 P16615 ATP2A2 AND nevi 1 ATP2A2 Antibody
BACE1 P56817 BACE1 AND nevi 1 BACE1 Antibody
BCL2 P10415 BCL2 AND nevi 4 BCL2 Antibody
BCL2L1 Q07817 BCL2L1 AND nevi 6 1 BCL2L1 Antibody
BDNF P23560 BDNF AND nevi 2 BDNF Antibody
BECN1 Q14457 BECN1 AND nevi 1 BECN1 Antibody
BIRC7 Q96CA5 BIRC7 AND nevi 1 BIRC7 Antibody
BMP7 P18075 BMP7 AND nevi 2 BMP7 Antibody
BRCA1 P38398 BRCA1 AND nevi 6 BRCA1 Antibody
BTG2 P78543 BTG2 AND nevi 1 BTG2 Antibody
C4B Q6U2E9 C4B AND nevi 1 C4B Antibody
CA4 P22748 CA4 AND nevi 1 CA4 Antibody
CASP3 P42574 CASP3 AND nevi 4 1 CASP3 Antibody
CCNB1 P14635 CCNB1 AND nevi 2 CCNB1 Antibody
CCND1 P24385 CCND1 AND nevi 43 11 CCND1 Antibody
CCND3 P30281 CCND3 AND nevi 1 CCND3 Antibody
CCR5 P51681 CCR5 AND nevi 2 1 CCR5 Antibody
CD36 P16671 CD36 AND nevi 2 CD36 Antibody
CD40 CD40 AND nevi 1 CD40 Antibody
CD5 P06127 CD5 AND nevi 1 CD5 Antibody
CDC2 CDC2 AND nevi 5 CDC2 Antibody
CDC25A P30304 CDC25A AND nevi 1 CDC25A Antibody
CDK2 P24941 CDK2 AND nevi 4 1 CDK2 Antibody
CDK4 P11802 CDK4 AND nevi 36 5 CDK4 Antibody
CDK6 Q00534 CDK6 AND nevi 3 CDK6 Antibody
CDKN1B P46527 CDKN1B AND nevi 14 2 CDKN1B Antibody
CDKN1C P49918 CDKN1C AND nevi 3 CDKN1C Antibody
CDKN2B P42772 CDKN2B AND nevi 3 CDKN2B Antibody
CEBPA P49715 CEBPA AND nevi 1 CEBPA Antibody
CEBPD P49716 CEBPD AND nevi 1 CEBPD Antibody
CFLAR O15519 CFLAR AND nevi 2 CFLAR Antibody
CFP P27918 CFP AND nevi 12 1 CFP Antibody
CHAD O15335 CHAD AND nevi 1 CHAD Antibody
CHIA CHIA AND nevi 2 CHIA Antibody
CHP Q99653 CHP AND nevi 1 CHP Antibody
CITED1 Q99966 CITED1 AND nevi 3 CITED1 Antibody
CKAP4 Q07065 CKAP4 AND nevi 2 CKAP4 Antibody
CLDN1 O95832 CLDN1 AND nevi 2 CLDN1 Antibody
COIL COIL AND nevi 3 COIL Antibody
COL1A2 P08123 COL1A2 AND nevi 1 COL1A2 Antibody
COPS5 Q92905 COPS5 AND nevi 1 COPS5 Antibody
CPD O75976 CPD AND nevi 1 CPD Antibody
CRP P02741 CRP AND nevi 1 CRP Antibody
CTA-126B4.3 CTA-126B4.3 AND nevi 2 CTA-126B4.3 Antibody
CTNNB1 CTNNB1 AND nevi 20 CTNNB1 Antibody
CXCL1 P09341 CXCL1 AND nevi 4 CXCL1 Antibody
CXCL12 P48061 CXCL12 AND nevi 1 1 CXCL12 Antibody
CXCR4 P61073 CXCR4 AND nevi 2 1 CXCR4 Antibody
CXCR6 O00574 CXCR6 AND nevi 2 1 CXCR6 Antibody
CYBA P13498 CYBA AND nevi 1 1 CYBA Antibody
CYP1A1 P04798 CYP1A1 AND nevi 1 CYP1A1 Antibody
CYP2D6 P10635 CYP2D6 AND nevi 1 CYP2D6 Antibody
DCC P43146 DCC AND nevi 2 DCC Antibody
DCN P07585 DCN AND nevi 2 DCN Antibody
DCXR Q7Z4W1 DCXR AND nevi 1 DCXR Antibody
DDIT4L Q96D03 DDIT4L AND nevi 1 DDIT4L Antibody
DMBT1 Q9UGM3 DMBT1 AND nevi 3 DMBT1 Antibody
DRB1 Q8IUH3-3 DRB1 AND nevi 2 DRB1 Antibody
E2F1 Q01094 E2F1 AND nevi 1 E2F1 Antibody
EBP Q15125 EBP AND nevi 2 1 EBP Antibody
EDA Q92838 EDA AND nevi 1 EDA Antibody
EGF P01133 EGF AND nevi 17 EGF Antibody
EGR1 P18146 EGR1 AND nevi 1 1 EGR1 Antibody
EIF3E P60228 EIF3E AND nevi 1 EIF3E Antibody
EIF4B P23588 EIF4B AND nevi 1 EIF4B Antibody
EIF4E P06730 EIF4E AND nevi 1 1 EIF4E Antibody
ENG P17813 ENG AND nevi 17 2 ENG Antibody
ENPP2 Q13822 ENPP2 AND nevi 1 ENPP2 Antibody
EPO P01588 EPO AND nevi 3 EPO Antibody
EPOR P19235 EPOR AND nevi 3 EPOR Antibody
ERCC2 P18074 ERCC2 AND nevi 1 ERCC2 Antibody
ERG ERG AND nevi 2 ERG Antibody
ETS1 P14921 ETS1 AND nevi 3 ETS1 Antibody
EXT1 Q16394 EXT1 AND nevi 1 1 EXT1 Antibody
EZH2 EZH2 AND nevi 1 EZH2 Antibody
F10 P00742 F10 AND nevi 3 F10 Antibody
F12 P00748 F12 AND nevi 1 F12 Antibody
FADD Q61160 FADD AND nevi 2 FADD Antibody
FAS P25445 FAS AND nevi 15 2 FAS Antibody
FASLG P48023 FASLG AND nevi 8 1 FASLG Antibody
FGF2 FGF2 AND nevi 26 FGF2 Antibody
FHIT P49789 FHIT AND nevi 1 1 FHIT Antibody
FOXE1 O00358 FOXE1 AND nevi 1 FOXE1 Antibody
FOXO4 P98177 FOXO4 AND nevi 1 1 FOXO4 Antibody
FOXP3 Q9BZS1 FOXP3 AND nevi 1 FOXP3 Antibody
FUCA1 P04066 FUCA1 AND nevi 1 FUCA1 Antibody
FZD5 Q13467 FZD5 AND nevi 1 FZD5 Antibody
GAL P22466 GAL AND nevi 6 GAL Antibody
GALT P07902 GALT AND nevi 1 GALT Antibody
GAN Q9H2C0 GAN AND nevi 7 GAN Antibody
GDF15 Q99988 GDF15 AND nevi 2 1 GDF15 Antibody
GEM P55040 GEM AND nevi 1 GEM Antibody
GHR P10912 GHR AND nevi 1 GHR Antibody
GJB6 O95452 GJB6 AND nevi 3 GJB6 Antibody
GLA P06280 GLA AND nevi 4 GLA Antibody
GLI1 P08151 GLI1 AND nevi 12 GLI1 Antibody
GLI2 P10070 GLI2 AND nevi 3 GLI2 Antibody
GNAQ P50148 GNAQ AND nevi 11 7 GNAQ Antibody
GNAS P63092 GNAS AND nevi 2 GNAS Antibody
GNAZ P19086 GNAZ AND nevi 1 1 GNAZ Antibody
GNB2L1 P63244 GNB2L1 AND nevi 1 GNB2L1 Antibody
GP6 Q9HCN6 GP6 AND nevi 1 GP6 Antibody
GPC3 P51654 GPC3 AND nevi 4 GPC3 Antibody
GPR18 Q14330 GPR18 AND nevi 1 1 GPR18 Antibody
GSN P06396 GSN AND nevi 1 GSN Antibody
GSTM1 P46439 GSTM1 AND nevi 5 GSTM1 Antibody
GSTP1 P09211 GSTP1 AND nevi 4 GSTP1 Antibody
GSTT1 P30711 GSTT1 AND nevi 5 GSTT1 Antibody
GZMK P49863 GZMK AND nevi 1 GZMK Antibody
H2AFX P16104 H2AFX AND nevi 2 H2AFX Antibody
HDAC1 Q13547 HDAC1 AND nevi 1 HDAC1 Antibody
HECA Q9UBI9 HECA AND nevi 1 HECA Antibody
HES1 Q14469 HES1 AND nevi 2 1 HES1 Antibody
HEYL Q9NQ87 HEYL AND nevi 1 HEYL Antibody
HGF P14210 HGF AND nevi 9 3 HGF Antibody
Hira Q61666 Hira AND nevi 2 Hira Antibody
HLTF Q14527 HLTF AND nevi 1 HLTF Antibody
HMOX1 P09601 HMOX1 AND nevi 2 1 HMOX1 Antibody
HOXA1 P49639-2 HOXA1 AND nevi 1 HOXA1 Antibody
HOXA11 P31311 HOXA11 AND nevi 1 HOXA11 Antibody
HPD P32754 HPD AND nevi 3 HPD Antibody
HPRT1 P00492 HPRT1 AND nevi 1 HPRT1 Antibody
HSPA8 P11142 HSPA8 AND nevi 1 HSPA8 Antibody
HSPB1 P04792 HSPB1 AND nevi 2 HSPB1 Antibody
HSPB6 O14558 HSPB6 AND nevi 1 HSPB6 Antibody
HSPB8 Q9UJY1 HSPB8 AND nevi 2 HSPB8 Antibody
HSPH1 Q92598 HSPH1 AND nevi 2 HSPH1 Antibody
ID1 P41134 ID1 AND nevi 2 ID1 Antibody
IGF1R P08069 IGF1R AND nevi 5 IGF1R Antibody
IGFBP2 P18065 IGFBP2 AND nevi 1 IGFBP2 Antibody
IGFBP7 Q16270 IGFBP7 AND nevi 6 2 IGFBP7 Antibody
IKBKB O14920 IKBKB AND nevi 1 IKBKB Antibody
IMP3 Q9NV31 IMP3 AND nevi 3 IMP3 Antibody
ING1 Q5T9H0 ING1 AND nevi 1 ING1 Antibody
ING3 Q9NXR8 ING3 AND nevi 1 ING3 Antibody
ING4 Q9UNL4 ING4 AND nevi 1 ING4 Antibody
INHA P05111 INHA AND nevi 3 INHA Antibody
INSIG1 A4D2M9 INSIG1 AND nevi 1 INSIG1 Antibody
IRF4 Q15306 IRF4 AND nevi 2 1 IRF4 Antibody
JAG2 Q9Y219 JAG2 AND nevi 1 JAG2 Antibody
KCNQ1 KCNQ1 AND nevi 1 KCNQ1 Antibody
KLF6 Q99612 KLF6 AND nevi 1 1 KLF6 Antibody
KRAS P01111 KRAS AND nevi 10 5 KRAS Antibody
KRT1 KRT1 AND nevi 1 KRT1 Antibody
KRT10 KRT10 AND nevi 2 KRT10 Antibody
KRT13 P13646-3 KRT13 AND nevi 3 KRT13 Antibody
KRT14 P02533 KRT14 AND nevi 3 KRT14 Antibody
KRT20 P35900 KRT20 AND nevi 1 KRT20 Antibody
KRT7 A5A6N0 KRT7 AND nevi 2 KRT7 Antibody
LGALS3 LGALS3 AND nevi 5 1 LGALS3 Antibody
LGALS3BP Q08380 LGALS3BP AND nevi 1 LGALS3BP Antibody
LGALS9 O00182 LGALS9 AND nevi 1 LGALS9 Antibody
LMX1B Q6ISC9 LMX1B AND nevi 2 LMX1B Antibody
MAF O75444 MAF AND nevi 1 MAF Antibody
MAGEA1 P43355 MAGEA1 AND nevi 2 MAGEA1 Antibody
MAGEA3 P43357 MAGEA3 AND nevi 6 MAGEA3 Antibody
MAGEB2 O15479 MAGEB2 AND nevi 1 MAGEB2 Antibody
MAK P20794 MAK AND nevi 1 MAK Antibody
MAOA P21397 MAOA AND nevi 1 MAOA Antibody
MAP2K2 P36507 MAP2K2 AND nevi 1 1 MAP2K2 Antibody
MBP P02686 MBP AND nevi 3 MBP Antibody
MCM2 P49736 MCM2 AND nevi 1 MCM2 Antibody
MCM3 MCM3 AND nevi 3 MCM3 Antibody
MCM4 P33991 MCM4 AND nevi 1 MCM4 Antibody
MCM7 P33993 MCM7 AND nevi 1 MCM7 Antibody
MDM4 O15151 MDM4 AND nevi 1 1 MDM4 Antibody
Men1 O88559 Men1 AND nevi 1 Men1 Antibody
MGMT P16455 MGMT AND nevi 1 MGMT Antibody
MGP P08493 MGP AND nevi 2 MGP Antibody
MGRN1 O60291-2 MGRN1 AND nevi 1 MGRN1 Antibody
MINA Q8IUF8 MINA AND nevi 1 MINA Antibody
Mitf Q32MU7 Mitf AND nevi 27 4 Mitf Antibody
MLH1 P40692 MLH1 AND nevi 9 MLH1 Antibody
MMP1 P03956 MMP1 AND nevi 1 1 MMP1 Antibody
MMP13 P45452 MMP13 AND nevi 2 MMP13 Antibody
MMP16 P51512 MMP16 AND nevi 1 MMP16 Antibody
MMP2 P08253 MMP2 AND nevi 1 MMP2 Antibody
MMP3 P08254 MMP3 AND nevi 1 1 MMP3 Antibody
MMP9 P14780 MMP9 AND nevi 1 MMP9 Antibody
MOS P00540 MOS AND nevi 2 MOS Antibody
MSH2 MSH2 AND nevi 9 MSH2 Antibody
MSH6 P52701 MSH6 AND nevi 1 MSH6 Antibody
MSLN Q13421-3 MSLN AND nevi 1 1 MSLN Antibody
MSX2 P35548 MSX2 AND nevi 1 MSX2 Antibody
MUC1 Q7Z550 MUC1 AND nevi 1 MUC1 Antibody
MXI1 P50539-3 MXI1 AND nevi 2 MXI1 Antibody
MYB MYB AND nevi 9 5 MYB Antibody
MYCL1 P12524-2 MYCL1 AND nevi 1 MYCL1 Antibody
MYD88 Q99836 MYD88 AND nevi 1 1 MYD88 Antibody
Nab2 Q61127 Nab2 AND nevi 1 Nab2 Antibody
NAPA P54920 NAPA AND nevi 2 NAPA Antibody
NCL NCL AND nevi 3 NCL Antibody
NME1 P22392 NME1 AND nevi 10 NME1 Antibody
NNT Q13423 NNT AND nevi 2 NNT Antibody
NODAL Q96S42 NODAL AND nevi 75 7 NODAL Antibody
NOTCH1 P46531 NOTCH1 AND nevi 1 NOTCH1 Antibody
NOTCH2 Q04721 NOTCH2 AND nevi 1 NOTCH2 Antibody
Noto A8MTQ0 Noto AND nevi 1 Noto Antibody
NOV P48745 NOV AND nevi 1 1 NOV Antibody
NPAS1 Q99742 NPAS1 AND nevi 1 1 NPAS1 Antibody
Npas2 P97460 Npas2 AND nevi 1 1 Npas2 Antibody
NPM2 Q86SE8 NPM2 AND nevi 1 NPM2 Antibody
NR4A1 P22736 NR4A1 AND nevi 1 NR4A1 Antibody
NRG1 Q7RTW3 NRG1 AND nevi 1 NRG1 Antibody
NSDHL Q15738 NSDHL AND nevi 15 3 NSDHL Antibody
NTRK3 Q16288-3 NTRK3 AND nevi 2 NTRK3 Antibody
OCA2 Q04671 OCA2 AND nevi 8 OCA2 Antibody
OLAH Q9NV23 OLAH AND nevi 10 OLAH Antibody
OTC P00480 OTC AND nevi 1 OTC Antibody
P2RX7 Q99572 P2RX7 AND nevi 1 P2RX7 Antibody
PAM A6NMR0 PAM AND nevi 26 3 PAM Antibody
PAX3 Q494Z3 PAX3 AND nevi 4 1 PAX3 Antibody
PAX4 O43316 PAX4 AND nevi 1 PAX4 Antibody
PAX6 P26367-2 PAX6 AND nevi 1 PAX6 Antibody
PAX9 P55771 PAX9 AND nevi 1 PAX9 Antibody
PCNA P12004 PCNA AND nevi 55 1 PCNA Antibody
PDGFB P01127 PDGFB AND nevi 1 PDGFB Antibody
PDSS2 Q86YH6 PDSS2 AND nevi 1 PDSS2 Antibody
PEA15 Q15121 PEA15 AND nevi 1 1 PEA15 Antibody
PGM1 P36871 PGM1 AND nevi 2 1 PGM1 Antibody
PHLDA1 PHLDA1 AND nevi 1 PHLDA1 Antibody
PI3 P19957 PI3 AND nevi 2 PI3 Antibody
PMS2 P54278 PMS2 AND nevi 2 PMS2 Antibody
POLI POLI AND nevi 1 POLI Antibody
POLK Q9UBT6 POLK AND nevi 1 POLK Antibody
POR Q63HL4 POR AND nevi 5 1 POR Antibody
POU5F1 Q01860-2 POU5F1 AND nevi 1 POU5F1 Antibody
PPARG P37231 PPARG AND nevi 5 PPARG Antibody
PPP2R5C Q96B13 PPP2R5C AND nevi 1 PPP2R5C Antibody
PRAME P78395 PRAME AND nevi 3 1 PRAME Antibody
PROC P04070 PROC AND nevi 1 PROC Antibody
PTCH1 Q6TKP8 PTCH1 AND nevi 41 3 PTCH1 Antibody
PTCH2 Q9Y6C5 PTCH2 AND nevi 2 PTCH2 Antibody
PTGS1 P23219 PTGS1 AND nevi 1 PTGS1 Antibody
PTN PTN AND nevi 1 PTN Antibody
PTPN11 Q06124-2 PTPN11 AND nevi 1 PTPN11 Antibody
RAB22A P35285 RAB22A AND nevi 1 1 RAB22A Antibody
RAB23 Q9ULC3 RAB23 AND nevi 1 RAB23 Antibody
RAB5B P61020 RAB5B AND nevi 1 RAB5B Antibody
RAN P62826 RAN AND nevi 1 RAN Antibody
RAP1GAP P47736 RAP1GAP AND nevi 1 RAP1GAP Antibody
RB1 P06400 RB1 AND nevi 2 RB1 Antibody
RELA Q04206 RELA AND nevi 2 RELA Antibody
REN P00797 REN AND nevi 4 1 REN Antibody
Rgs1 Q9JL25 Rgs1 AND nevi 1 Rgs1 Antibody
RHEB Q15382 RHEB AND nevi 1 RHEB Antibody
RHOA P61586 RHOA AND nevi 3 RHOA Antibody
RP11-217H1.1 B4DH58 RP11-217H1.1 AND nevi 2 RP11-217H1.1 Antibody
RP11-269F19.9 Q5JR98 RP11-269F19.9 AND nevi 2 RP11-269F19.9 Antibody
RP11-298P3.3 RP11-298P3.3 AND nevi 2 RP11-298P3.3 Antibody
RP11-50D16.3 Q5JS37 RP11-50D16.3 AND nevi 2 RP11-50D16.3 Antibody
RP11-529I10.4 Q9BVM2 RP11-529I10.4 AND nevi 2 RP11-529I10.4 Antibody
RP11-78J21.1 Q5TBS2 RP11-78J21.1 AND nevi 2 RP11-78J21.1 Antibody
RP11-82K18.3 RP11-82K18.3 AND nevi 2 RP11-82K18.3 Antibody
RPA1 P27694 RPA1 AND nevi 1 RPA1 Antibody
RPE Q96AT9 RPE AND nevi 15 3 RPE Antibody
RUNX2 Q13950 RUNX2 AND nevi 1 RUNX2 Antibody
RUNX3 RUNX3 AND nevi 1 1 RUNX3 Antibody
S100A3 P33764 S100A3 AND nevi 1 S100A3 Antibody
S100A9 P06702 S100A9 AND nevi 1 S100A9 Antibody
SAC Q96PN6 SAC AND nevi 12 SAC Antibody
SCD O00767 SCD AND nevi 1 SCD Antibody
SDCBP O00560 SDCBP AND nevi 1 SDCBP Antibody
SERPINB2 P05120 SERPINB2 AND nevi 1 SERPINB2 Antibody
SERPINE1 P05121 SERPINE1 AND nevi 2 SERPINE1 Antibody
SHH Q15465 SHH AND nevi 31 1 SHH Antibody
SHOX O15266 SHOX AND nevi 2 SHOX Antibody
SILV P40967 SILV AND nevi 14 1 SILV Antibody
SIRPA B2R6C3 SIRPA AND nevi 1 SIRPA Antibody
SLA Q5TZW1 SLA AND nevi 1 SLA Antibody
SLC45A2 Q6P2P0 SLC45A2 AND nevi 1 SLC45A2 Antibody
SMAD2 Q15796 SMAD2 AND nevi 1 SMAD2 Antibody
SMAD4 Q13485 SMAD4 AND nevi 1 SMAD4 Antibody
SMARCA2 Q5TB75 SMARCA2 AND nevi 1 SMARCA2 Antibody
SMARCB1 Q12824 SMARCB1 AND nevi 2 1 SMARCB1 Antibody
SOCS1 O15524 SOCS1 AND nevi 2 SOCS1 Antibody
SOX10 P56693 SOX10 AND nevi 4 1 SOX10 Antibody
SOX4 Q06945 SOX4 AND nevi 1 1 SOX4 Antibody
SOX9 P48436 SOX9 AND nevi 2 SOX9 Antibody
SP1 O89090-2 SP1 AND nevi 2 SP1 Antibody
SP2 SP2 AND nevi 3 SP2 Antibody
SPA17 Q15506 SPA17 AND nevi 1 SPA17 Antibody
SPP1 B2RDA1 SPP1 AND nevi 3 SPP1 Antibody
SPRY2 O43597 SPRY2 AND nevi 1 SPRY2 Antibody
SPRY4 SPRY4 AND nevi 1 SPRY4 Antibody
SRC P12931 SRC AND nevi 5 1 SRC Antibody
SRF P11831 SRF AND nevi 3 SRF Antibody
SRY Q05066 SRY AND nevi 1 SRY Antibody
SSX1 Q16384 SSX1 AND nevi 1 SSX1 Antibody
SSX2 Q16385-2 SSX2 AND nevi 1 SSX2 Antibody
SSX4 O60224 SSX4 AND nevi 1 SSX4 Antibody
SSX5 Q5JQ60 SSX5 AND nevi 1 SSX5 Antibody
STAT1 P42224 STAT1 AND nevi 5 1 STAT1 Antibody
STAT3 P40763 STAT3 AND nevi 8 STAT3 Antibody
STAT5B P51692 STAT5B AND nevi 1 STAT5B Antibody
STK11 Q15831 STK11 AND nevi 2 STK11 Antibody
STRAP Q9Y3F4 STRAP AND nevi 2 STRAP Antibody
STS P08842 STS AND nevi 2 STS Antibody
SUFU Q9UMX1 SUFU AND nevi 3 1 SUFU Antibody
SUMO3 P55854 SUMO3 AND nevi 1 SUMO3 Antibody
SUV39H1 O43463 SUV39H1 AND nevi 2 SUV39H1 Antibody
TAF4 O00268 TAF4 AND nevi 1 TAF4 Antibody
TAP1 Q03518 TAP1 AND nevi 3 TAP1 Antibody
TARS Q5M7Z9 TARS AND nevi 2 TARS Antibody
TBP P20226 TBP AND nevi 1 1 TBP Antibody
TCF3 P15923 TCF3 AND nevi 1 TCF3 Antibody
TEX9 Q8N6V9 TEX9 AND nevi 1 TEX9 Antibody
TFAP2A P05549 TFAP2A AND nevi 8 TFAP2A Antibody
TFAP2C Q92754 TFAP2C AND nevi 8 TFAP2C Antibody
TFF1 P04155 TFF1 AND nevi 1 TFF1 Antibody
Tgfb1 P01137 Tgfb1 AND nevi 5 Tgfb1 Antibody
TGFB2 P61812 TGFB2 AND nevi 4 TGFB2 Antibody
TGFB3 P10600 TGFB3 AND nevi 4 TGFB3 Antibody
TIA1 P31483 TIA1 AND nevi 1 TIA1 Antibody
TNFRSF10A O00220 TNFRSF10A AND nevi 1 TNFRSF10A Antibody
TNFRSF10B O14763 TNFRSF10B AND nevi 3 TNFRSF10B Antibody
TNFSF10 P50591 TNFSF10 AND nevi 3 TNFSF10 Antibody
TOP2A P11388 TOP2A AND nevi 1 TOP2A Antibody
TP53 P04637 TP53 AND nevi 10 1 TP53 Antibody
TPTE P56180-3 TPTE AND nevi 1 TPTE Antibody
TRIM37 O94972 TRIM37 AND nevi 1 TRIM37 Antibody
TRP53 P02340 TRP53 AND nevi 58 1 TRP53 Antibody
TRPM2 O94759 TRPM2 AND nevi 4 TRPM2 Antibody
TSHR TSHR AND nevi 1 TSHR Antibody
TUBE1 Q9UJT0 TUBE1 AND nevi 4 TUBE1 Antibody
TUSC1 TUSC1 AND nevi 1 1 TUSC1 Antibody
TYR P14679 TYR AND nevi 10 2 TYR Antibody
TYRP1 P17643 TYRP1 AND nevi 6 TYRP1 Antibody
UBD O15205 UBD AND nevi 1 UBD Antibody
UTY O14607 UTY AND nevi 1 UTY Antibody
VIM P08670 VIM AND nevi 1 VIM Antibody
WNT1 P04628 WNT1 AND nevi 1 WNT1 Antibody
WNT10B O00744 WNT10B AND nevi 1 WNT10B Antibody
WNT2 P09544 WNT2 AND nevi 2 WNT2 Antibody
WNT5A P41221 WNT5A AND nevi 4 WNT5A Antibody
WNT5B Q9H1J7 WNT5B AND nevi 1 WNT5B Antibody
WNT7B P56706 WNT7B AND nevi 1 WNT7B Antibody
WT1 WT1 AND nevi 6 WT1 Antibody
XAF1 Q6GPH4 XAF1 AND nevi 1 XAF1 Antibody
ZNF169 A2AGP5 ZNF169 AND nevi 1 ZNF169 Antibody
ZYX Q15942 ZYX AND nevi 1 ZYX Antibody