This section contains a list of authorized distributors in countries around the world. Each distributor has been carefully selected to insure that Aviva's products are quickly delivered to you with the best after purchase support.

Local distributors have many advantages. It is important to understand the value of our distributors when placing orders.

Reasons to purchase through a distributor:

  1. Speed - Often importing biological products may include additional review with your country's customs agencies. Distributors are aware of the documentation and fees needed to quickly process shipments, thus reducing delays.
  2. Support - Aviva's products include performance guarantees. Local distributors can provide technical support after the sale. They can also arrange for replacement products if necessary.
  3. Safety - Distributors listed below are official distributors. Make sure you purchase from them or you may be paying more through another 3rd party distributor.


Country Distributor
Argentina Lab Systems SA
Australia Australian Biosearch
Australia Sapphire Bioscience
Austria Axxora
Austria Biozol
Austria Szabo Scandic
Austria VWR International GmbH
Belgium Bio-Connect
Belgium Gentaur
Belgium VWR International bvba
Brazil Sinapse Biotecnologia LTDA
Bulgaria Gentaur
Canada Cedarlane Labs
Czech Republic VWR International s. r. o.
Colombia Suministros Clinicos Isla Ltda
Denmark Nordic Biosite
Egypt Axxora
Estonia Nordic Biosite
Finland Nordic Biosite
France Clinisciences
France Euromedex
Germany Biozol
Hong Kong LOKCO Technology Limited
Hong Kong Dasheng Biotech
Hungary Bio-KASZTEL
Hungary VWR International Kft.
Iceland Nordic Biosite
India Abgenex
India Everon Life
India Genxbio
India Zelle Biotechnology
Ireland Axxora
Ireland Generon Ireland
Ireland/Northern Ireland VWR International Ltd/VWR International (Northern Ireland) Ltd
Israel Almog Diagnostic
Israel Enco
Italy Aurogene
Italy CDL-Consorzio Distribuzione Laboratorio
Italy Clinisciences
Italy DBA Italia s.r.l.
Italy Gentaur
Italy Interchim
Italy Societa Italiana Chimici
Italy Unimed Scientifica
Italy VWR International PBI S.r.l.
Japan Funakoshi
Korea Chunyang Tech
Korea Dreamcell
Korea Essence Medical Inc
Korea Kim & Friends
Korea Leehyo Bio
Korea Seoulin
Korea Sungwoo Lifescience
Korea Abba BioScience
Latvia Nordic Biosite
Lithuania Nordic Biosite
Luxembourg Bio-Connect
Malaysia Biomax Scientific Sdn Bhd
Mexico BRI Bioresearch, SA de CV
Morocco Hexabiogen
Netherlands Bio-Connect
New Zealand Sapphire Bioscience
Nigeria Bridge Biotech Ltd
Norway Nordic Biosite
Poland Gentaur
Poland STI
Poland VWR International
Portugal Quimigen
Saudi Arabia Axxora
Singapore Axil Scientific
Spain BioNova Cientifica
Spain VWR International Eurolab S.L.
Sweden Nordic Biosite
Switzerland LuBio Science
Taiwan ASIA BIOSCIENCE CO.,LTD. (亞旭生物科技股份有限公司)
Taiwan Level Biotech
Thailand Pacific Science Co., Ltd
Tunisia Hexabiogen
Turkey GENESUZ Biochemical & Genetics
UAE Axxora
United Kingdom 2B Scientific
United Kingdom Insight Biotech
Vietnam Truong Bio, Inc