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Catalog No: OKEH02607 (Formerly GWB-HNLODH)
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COA DatasheetPrintable COA datasheet for OKEH02607
Product Info
Predicted Species ReactivityAll Species
ELISA Kit Detection MethodColorimetric, OD450 nm
ELISA Kit Duration~ 3 Hours
ELISA Kit PrincipleAviva Systems Biology Diacylglycerol ELISA Kit (OKEH02607) is based on a competitive enzyme immunoassay technique. The microtiter well-plate in this kit has been pre-coated with an anti-Diacylglycerol antibody. Sample or standards are added to the wells along with a fixed quantity of biotinylated Diacylglycerol and incubated. The Diacylglycerol found in the sample or standards competes with the biotinylated Diacylglycerol for limited binding sites on the immobilized anti-Diacylglycerol antibody. Excess unbound biotinylated Diacylglycerol and sample or standard Diacylglycerol is washed from the plate. Avidin-HRP conjugate is added, incubated and washed. An enzymatic reaction is then produced through the addition of TMB substrate which is catalyzed by the immobilized HRP to generate a blue color product that changes yellow after adding acidic stop solution. The density of yellow coloration is measured by reading the absorbance at 450 nm which is quantitatively proportional to the amount of biotinylated Diacylglycerol captured in the well and inversely proportional to the amount of Diacylglycerol which was contained in the sample or standard.
ELISA Kit Range0.625-40ng/mL
ELISA Kit RecoveryMean recovery when spiking into Serum and Plasma = 96%
ELISA Kit ReproducibilityMean Intra-assay CV%: < 6.5% (n = 20)
Mean Inter-assay CV%: < 8.9% (n = 20)
ELISA Kit Component
Anti-Diacylglycerol Microplate96 Wells (12 x 8 Well strips)
Diacylglycerol Lyophilized Standard2 x 40 ng
Sample Diluent1 x 20 mL
100X Diacylglycerol-Biotin Complex1 x 60 uL
100X Avidin-HRP Conjugate1 x 120 uL
Biotin Complex Diluent1 x 12 mL
Conjugate Diluent1 x 12 mL
25X Wash Buffer1 x 30 mL
TMB Substrate1 x 10 mL
Stop Solution1 x 10 mL
Additional InformationTarget Abbr: DAG
Target Name: Diacylglycerol
::Pubchem: 6026790
::Chemical formula: C37H70O5
Reconstitution and StorageStore as indicated in product manual.
Sample TypeSerum, plasma, tissue homogenates, cell culture supernatants and other biological fluids
Sensitivity0.262 ng/mL
SpecificityNatural and recombinant General Diacylglycerol

DAGLα Inhibition as a Non-invasive and Translational Model of Episodic Headache. Front Pharmacol. 11, 615028 (2021). 33584293

Assay InfoAssay Methodology: Quantitative Competitive ELISA
Alias SymbolsDAG, Diacylglycerol, DAG, Diglyceride
Protein NameDiacylglycerol
Description of TargetA diglyceride, or a diacylglycerol (DAG), is a glyceride consisting of two fatty acid chains covalently bonded to a glycerol molecule through ester linkages. One example, shown on the right, is 1-palmitoyl-2-oleoyl-glycerol, which contains side-chains derived from palmitic acid and oleic acid. Diacylglycerols can also have many different combinations of fatty acids attached at both the C-1 and C-2 positions.
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