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Aviva Systems Biology, Corp.

7700 Ronson Road, Ste 100
San Diego, CA 92111, USA

Phone: 858-552-6979
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E-mail: info@avivasysbio.com
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Monday - Friday 7:00AM - 5:00PM (PST)
Genway Biotech, Inc.

Genway Biotech Inc is a wholly owned
subsidiary of Aviva Systems Biology Corporation.
To learn more, please visit www.genwaybio.com

7700 Ronson Road, Ste 100
San Diego, CA 92111, USA

Phone: 858-458-0866
Fax: 858-458-0833

E-mail: sales@genwaybio.com

Business Hours:
Monday - Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (PST)
Beijing AVIVA Systems Biology

Room 620, B Building, Kaichi Tower
#A-2 Jinfu Road.
Daxing Industrial Development Zone
Beijing, 102600, CHINA

Phone: (86)10-6021-4723
Toll Free: (86)400-650-9732
QQ: 2096114168
Fax: (86)10-6021-4722
E-mail: support@avivasysbio.com.cn

2号凯驰大厦B座6层620 (邮编102600)
电话: 010-6021-4723
免费电话: 400-650-9732
QQ: 2096114168
传真: 010-6021-4722

产品售前咨询及销售: sales@avivasysbio.com.cn
售后及技术支持: support@avivasysbio.com.cn
Tianjin AVIVA Systems Biology

10 Floor, Tianjin International Joint Academy of Biomedicine
No.220 Dongting Road
The Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area (TEDA)
Tianjin, 300457, CHINA

Phone: (86)22-6537-8302
Fax: (86)22-6537-8301

中国地址:天津经济技术开发区洞庭路220号 天津国际生物医药联合研究院 10层
电话: 022-6537-8302
传真: 022-6537-8301


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