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CEACAM7 Antibody (OAMA01438)

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Gene Symbol:
NCBI Gene Id:
Official Gene Full Name:
Carcinoembryonic antigen-related cell adhesion molecule 7
Protein Name:
Carcinoembryonic antigen-related cell adhesion molecule 7
Swissprot Id:
Protein Accession #:
NP_001278414.1; NP_008821.2
Nucleotide Accession #:
NM_001291485.1; NM_006890.4
Description of Target:
Monoclonal Antibody to Human Carcinoembryonic Antigen (CEA)
Mouse. Source: Ascites
Tissue Tool:
Find tissues and cell lines supported by DNA array analysis to express CEACAM7.
RNA Seq:
Find tissues and cell lines supported by RNA-seq analysis to express CEACAM7.
Product Format:
Purified, Liquid
Reconstitution and Storage:
Short term (up to 7 days) store at 2 to 8C. Long term, aliquot and store at <-40C. If aliquoted for long term storage, fill volume should be equal to or greater than 50% of the nominal fill volume of the vial used. Avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles.
Printable datasheet for anti-CEACAM7 (OAMA01438) antibody
Reacts with carcinomas arising from the gastrointestinal site such as colon, stomach and small intestine. Reactivity may also be found in some breast, lung, or ovarian epithelial tumors. CEA is a tumor associated, complex glycoprotein with a molecular weight of 180 kDa.
>90% pure (SDS-PAGE). Protein A chromatography
Product is 0.2um filtered.
IgG1, kappa
Application Info:
Suitable for use in ELISA.
Application Data:
Immunogen: CEA prepared from human colonic adenocarcinoma
Affinity Constant: Not determined
Buffer: 10mM Phosphate, pH 7.4 containing 150mM Sodium chloride
Preservative: 0.1% Sodium Azide
Important Note: Centrifuge before opening to ensure complete recovery of vial contents.
Warnings: This product contains sodium azide, which has been classified as Xn (Harmful), in European Directive 67/548/EEC in the concentration range of 0.1-1.0%. When disposing of this reagent through lead or copper plumbing, flush with copious volumes of of water to prevent azide build-up in drains.

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