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CD45 Antibody - Biotin Conjugated (OAPA00144)

Catalog#: OAPA00144
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This product is Genway GWB-BSP795
More Information
Clonality Monoclonal
Clone hCD45.
Isotype Mouse IgG2a.
Host Mouse
Additional Information Reconstitution: Reconstitute with of H20. Mix gently, wash the sides of the vial and wait 30-60 seconds before use. Stability / Shelf LifeTwo years lyophilized, one month in solution at 4C.
:: Product Type: Mouse Anti Human Monoclonal.
:: Antibody Properties: Staining antibody. For staining, use 10 ul/106 cells.
:: Product Introduction: CD45 leukocyte common antigen (LCA) belongs to the family of at least four isoforms of membrane glycoproteins (220, 205, 190, 180kDa) expressed on hematopoietic cell lines but absent on non-hematopoietic cell lines, normal and malignant non-hematopoietic tissues. The intracellular portion of these molecules has protein phosphatase activity and is involved in regulation of transmembrane signals.
Reconstitution and Storage Lyophilized: store at 4C. After reconstitution, if not intended for use within a month, aliquot and store at -20C.
Immunogen The immunogen for anti-CD45 Biotin antibody: purified human T-Cells.
Datasheets/Manuals Printable datasheet for anti-CD45 Biotin antibody - OAPA00144
Purity Protein-A.

Krawetz, R. J. et al. Synovial fluid progenitors expressing CD90+ from normal but not osteoarthritic joints undergo chondrogenic differentiation without micro-mass culture. PLoS One 7, e43616 (2012). 22952721

Gene Symbol CD45 Biotin
Alias Symbols Leukocyte common antigen, EC, L-CA, T200, CD45 antigen, PTPRC, LCA, LY5, B220, CD45, GP180, CD45 Antibody, Biotin, CD45, Mouse Anti-Human Biotin
NCBI Gene Id 5788
Protein Name Receptor-type tyrosine-protein phosphatase C
Description of Target Mouse Anti Human CD45 Biotinylated
Swissprot Id P08575
Protein Accession # NP_002829.3
Tissue Tool Find tissues and cell lines supported by DNA array analysis to express CD45 Biotin.
RNA Seq Find tissues and cell lines supported by RNA-seq analysis to express CD45 Biotin.
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