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Datasheets/ManualsPrintable datasheet for CAV1 Recombinant Protein (OPCD01924)
Product Info
Predicted Species ReactivityHomo sapiens|Human
Product FormatLyophilized 20mM Tris, 150mM NaCl, pH8.0, containing 1mM EDTA, 1mM DTT, 0.01% SKL, 5% Trehalose and Proclin300
ApplicationPositive control|Sodium sodecyl sulfate - polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis|Western blot
Additional InformationEndotoxin Level: < 1.0 EU per 1 ug (determined by the LAL method)
Residues: Ser2-Ser104
Subcellular Location: Membrane
Isoelectric Point: 5.7
Reconstitution and Storage2°C to 8°C|-80°C
Concentration500 ug/mL (prior to lyoph)
Purity> 97%
TagN-terminal His Tag
Gene SymbolCAV1
Gene Full Namecaveolin 1
Alias SymbolsBSCL3;caveolin 1, caveolae protein, 22kDa;caveolin-1;cell growth-inhibiting protein 32;CGL3;LCCNS;MSTP085;PPH3;VIP21.
NCBI Gene Id857
Protein NameCaveolin-1
Description of TargetMay act as a scaffolding protein within caveolar membranes. Interacts directly with G-protein alpha subunits and can functionally regulate their activity (By similarity). Involved in the costimulatory signal essential for T-cell receptor (TCR)-mediated T-cell activation. Its binding to DPP4 induces T-cell proliferation and NF-kappa-B activation in a T-cell receptor/CD3-dependent manner. Recruits CTNNB1 to caveolar membranes and may regulate CTNNB1-mediated signaling through the Wnt pathway. Negatively regulates TGFB1-mediated activation of SMAD2/3 by mediating the internalization of TGFBR1 from membrane rafts leading to its subsequent degradation (PubMed:25893292). Mediates the recruitment of CAVIN proteins (CAVIN1/2/3/4) to the caveolae (PubMed:19262564).
Uniprot IDQ03135
Protein Accession #NP_001744.2
Nucleotide Accession #NM_001753.4
Protein Size (# AA)Ser2~Ser104
Molecular Weight16kDa
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