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Recombinant Protein Catalog

Aviva Systems Biology now offers over 20,000 recombinant proteins.

Features of our new product line include:

  • No risk to customer if the protein cannot be expressed
  • Lower cost when compared to producing proteins internally
  • Secondary AKTA purification to ensure highest purity of at least 85%
  • Cell free, E. coli, yeast, insect and mammalian expression systems available
  • Estimated delivery within 4-8 weeks upon receiving order

Applications Include:

  • Antigen for antibody development
  • Antibody characterization
  • Standards for ELISA assays
  • Positive control in western blots
  • Structural analysis
  • Protein-protein interactions

Comparison of Expression Platforms

Expression SystemMost Common ApplicationAdvantagesChallenges
Cell Free Cell-free Toxic proteins Able to express unnatural components Scalability
  Unnatural amino acids Simple and fast  
  Functional assays    
  Protein-protein interactions    
  Translational inhibitor screening    
Bacteria Bacteria Structural analysis High success rate Solubility
  Antibody development Scalable Refolding may be required
  Protein-protein interactions Low cost Some mammalian proteins difficult to express
  Cytoplasmic, periplasmic proteins Simple culture conditions  
Yeast Yeast Structural analysis Scalable Fermentation may be necessary
  Antibody development Simple Media requirements Optimization required
  Protein-protein interactions Inducible  
Insect Insect Structural analysis Can be used in static or suspension culture More demanding culture conditions
  Intracellular expression   May provide different PTM or glycoslyation patters
  Protein-protein interactions    
  Proper PTM required    
  Proper glycosylation required    
  Secreted proteins    
Mammalian Mammalian Proper PTM required Similar to native state Yield often lower than other methods
  Proper glycosylation required Transient or stable expression More demanding culture conditions
  Structural analysis Able to optimize yield More expensive
  Antibody development    
  Protein-protein interactions