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Founded in 2002, Aviva Systems Biology supports scientists in their basic research, preclinical, drug development, and diagnostics workflows. With an extensive portfolio of nearly 500,000 products for antibodies, proteins, and immunoassays and over 20 years of expertise in antibody and protein production, scientists can find the unique reagents and support they need for success in their work.

What Makes Aviva Systems Biology Unique?

The Toolbox for Proteome-wide Research

Reagents for rare and common targets and species can be found in our broad catalog of antibodies, recombinant proteins, and ELISA Kits. Many of our clients come to us because we have the target coverage and product quality no other reagent supplier can match.

Our approach to antibody development enables detection of protein variants for deeper characterization of protein function across species, cell type, and disease states.

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Custom Services Scaling from the Benchtop to GMP Production

In 2017, Aviva Systems Biology acquired GenWay Biotech, a leading provider of production and manufacturing services to the life science and diagnostic industry. The GenWay services have been fully integrated into Aviva and we partner with academic, biopharma and diagnostic labs to expand their resources with cost-effective expertise and solutions for:

  • High throughput antibody characterization
  • Mid- to large-scale antibody and protein production, including process development
  • ELISA development and manufacturing
  • Antibody conjugation

GMP antibody, protein, and assay manufacturing services are offered through our ISO 13485 certified services laboratory.

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Committed to Customer Success

Product quality and performance is vital. We combine our own stringent in-house antibody characterization program with support of open science initiatives, such as YCharOS, to promote and ensure antibody integrity for the research community.

Our customer service and technical support teams are dedicated to helping customers select products, optimize experiments, and troubleshoot any issues.

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