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Free AvivaBlot ECL Reagent Sample

AACR 2022 Attendee Exclusive!

Easy-to-use, high quality, and affordable ECL reagents for western blot are now available from Aviva Systems Biology, the leader in tools for antibody-based research.  Request your free sample from one of our three new AvivaBlot ECL reagents. 

Limit one free sample per email address. Offer valid only in the United States and while supplies last.  Free sample ships within one week of request submission.

Try One of Three Sensitivity Ranges

Description Cat. No. Details
AvivaBlot Pico One ECL Reagent OKCF00001 One component, pre-mixed. Great for general detection needs.
AvivaBlot Femto ECL Reagent OKCF00002 Two component. High range flexibility, mid-femtogram detection.
AvivaBlot Ultra Femto ECL Reagent OKCF00003 Two component. Low femtogram detection for rare and precious samples.