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New Validation Data

Aviva Systems Biology strives to provide the best and most relevant data for our antibodies. In many cases, the best data comes from researchers themselves. If you would like to submit antibody feedback or if you would like to participate in Aviva’s validation program, please email us at info@avivasysbio.com or call (888) 837-6979.

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  Type Catalog # Product name Reactivity Category Application Price (USD)
  Others OOSA09527 DAB CHROMOGEN CONCENTRATE Accessory Reagent (OOSA09527) $145.00
  Others OOSA09528 DAB CHROMOGEN CONCENTRATE Accessory Reagent (OOSA09528) $300.00
  Others OOSA09529 DAB SUBSTRATE BUFFER Accessory Reagent (OOSA09529) $115.00
  Others OOSA09608 DAPI Accessory Reagent (OOSA09608) $240.00
  Others OOSA09713 DIGOXIN:FITC Antigen (OOSA09713) $1,080.00
  Others OORA00382 Dog AORTA (OORA00382) $680.00
  Others OORA00383 Dog ADRENAL (OORA00383) $680.00
  Others OORA00384 Dog ATRIUM (OORA00384) $680.00
  Others OORA00385 Dog BRAIN (OORA00385) $680.00
  Others OORA00386 Dog BRAIN (OORA00386) $510.00
  Others OORA00387 Dog BRAIN (OORA00387) $845.00
  Others OORA00388 Dog CORPUS STRIATUM (OORA00388) $680.00
  Others OORA00389 Dog EPIDIDYMIS (OORA00389) $680.00
  Others OORA00390 Dog ESOPHAGUS (OORA00390) $680.00
  Others OORA00391 Dog EYE Protein (OORA00391) $510.00
  Others OORA00392 Dog HEART (OORA00392) $680.00
  Others OORA00393 Dog HYPOTHALAMUS (OORA00393) $680.00
  Others OORA00394 Dog INTESTINE (OORA00394) $680.00
  Others OORA00395 Dog KIDNEY (OORA00395) $510.00
  Others OORA00396 Dog LIVER (OORA00396) $680.00
  Others OORA00397 Dog LUNG Protein (OORA00397) $680.00
  Others OORA00398 Dog OVARY (OORA00398) $680.00
  Others OORA00399 Dog PANCREAS (OORA00399) $680.00
  Others OORA00400 Dog PITUITARY (OORA00400) $845.00
  Others OORA00401 Dog SCIATIC NERVE (OORA00401) $680.00
  Others OORA00402 Dog SPINAL CORD (OORA00402) $680.00
  Others OORA00403 Dog SPLEEN (OORA00403) $680.00
  Others OORA00404 Dog STOMACH (OORA00404) $680.00
  Others OORA00405 Dog SUBMAXILLARY (OORA00405) $510.00
  Others OORA00406 Dog TESTICLE (OORA00406) $510.00

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Showing 1 - 30 of 36814