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Aviva Systems Biology strives to provide the best and most relevant data for our antibodies. In many cases, the best data comes from researchers themselves. If you would like to submit antibody feedback or if you would like to participate in Aviva’s validation program, please email us at or call (888) 837-6979.

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  Type Catalog # Product name Reactivity Category Application Price (USD)
  DNA ANA00017-P001 VDAC2 cDNA (ANA00017-P001) $189.00
  DNA ANA00014-P001 CTRL cDNA (ANA00014-P001) $189.00
  DNA AVAHG0001 Human Genomic DNA DNA/cDNA/RNA (AVAHG0001) $100.00
  DNA ANA10294 GNS cDNA (ANA10294) $189.00
  DNA ANA10296 MR1 cDNA (ANA10296) $189.00
  DNA ANA10307 PPY cDNA (ANA10307) $189.00
  DNA ANA10308 PPY cDNA (ANA10308) $189.00
  DNA ANA10318 CEACAM5 cDNA (ANA10318) $189.00
  DNA ANA10332 TGOLN2 cDNA (ANA10332) $189.00
  DNA ANA10333 TGOLN2 cDNA (ANA10333) $189.00
  DNA ANA10295 MR1 cDNA (ANA10295) $189.00
  DNA ANA10468 TBC1D16 cDNA (ANA10468) $189.00
  DNA ANA10469 TBC1D16 cDNA (ANA10469) $189.00
  DNA ANA10470 TBC1D16 cDNA (ANA10470) $189.00
  DNA ANA10471 KCNK17 cDNA (ANA10471) $189.00
  DNA ANA10520 SLC22A6 cDNA (ANA10520) $189.00
  DNA ANA10521 SLC22A6 cDNA (ANA10521) $189.00
  DNA ANA10522 SLC22A6 cDNA (ANA10522) $189.00
  DNA ANA10366 CSTB cDNA (ANA10366) $189.00
  DNA ANA10367 CSTB cDNA (ANA10367) $189.00
  DNA ANA10398 SLC2A6 cDNA (ANA10398) $189.00
  DNA ANA10399 SLC2A6 cDNA (ANA10399) $189.00
  DNA ANA10400 SLC2A6 cDNA (ANA10400) $189.00
  DNA ANA10588 RNF148 cDNA (ANA10588) $189.00
  DNA ANA10590 RNF148 cDNA (ANA10590) $189.00
  DNA ANA10591 ZDHHC5 cDNA (ANA10591) $189.00
  DNA ANA10422 ZDHHC5 cDNA (ANA10422) $189.00
  DNA ANA10423 ZDHHC5 cDNA (ANA10423) $189.00
  DNA ANA10600 SEPHS2 cDNA (ANA10600) $189.00
  DNA ANA10421 C2 cDNA (ANA10421) $189.00

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Showing 1 - 30 of 4682