Aviva's Custom Services

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What we have to offer:

Aviva Systems Biology offers both rabbit polyclonal and mouse monoclonal antibody services. Both types of antibody services can be directed against peptide or protein immunogens (from customer supplied protein, expression plasmid or cDNA information). Purification, western blot and IHC validation services are also available. For researchers needing antibodies to various post-translationally modified proteins, we offer an extensive list of amino acid modifications for antibody packages made against peptides.

We offer a complementary suite of bioinformatics capabilities to evaluate the immunogenicity, uniqueness and conservation across species of your peptide sequence. Aviva can help you with your specific project. Learn more about our custom antibody packages by contacting us at info@avivasysbio.com.

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Why go with Aviva Systems Biology?

The benefits of working with Aviva are many. For over a decade, we have been producing quality antibodies for use in various research areas. We have produced over 37,000 different antisera’s, mostly from internally designed and synthesized peptides. Our production capabilities are well-suited for customers seeking to initiate antibody production for dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of targets. Additional features of the custom antibody production service are:

  • Capacity to produce 1,000 antibodies per month
  • Extensive experience in bioinformatics to assist with peptide domain selection
  • Ability to produce antibodies to a diverse range of modified peptide targets
  • Ability to supply large quantities of antibodies in lyophilized format
  • Extensive western blot validation capabilities using cell lines and tissues from various species