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5X Western Blot Enhancer Reagent (AOT00003)

100 ml
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Product Format:
Liquid, 1X PBS, 5X Enhancer Reagent
Reconstitution and Storage:
Dilute according to user instructions immediately prior to use. Equilibrate to room temperature prior to use. Discard if any precipitates are present. Store at +4C upon receipt. For frequent usage, aliquot and store at +4C. Store at -20C for no longer than 1 year.
Application Info:
Western Blot Enhnacer Reagent is utilized in Western Blot (WB) applications as a primary and secondary antibody dilution buffer. This reagent will increase sensitivity and overall signal. The reagent is compatible with PBS or TBS buffer systems and is most effective when used in conjuction with a non-fat milk solid blocker.
Directions for use:
1. Equilibrate all reagents to ambient temperature prior to use.
2. Stock 5X Western Blot Enhancer Reagent is diluted 1:5 with antibody dilution buffer (PBS or TBS). Mix one part 5X Western Blot Enhancer Reagent with 4 parts antibody buffer (PBS or TBS).
3. Mix the 1X Western Blot Enhancer Reagent thoroughly and gently for 30 seconds by inversion to ensure proper mixing.
4. Immediately prior to use, dilute primary and secondary antibody to desired concentration in the working strength 1X Western Blot Enhancer Reagent. Note that a reduction in antibody concentration is recommended to mitigate any non-specific binding. Optimal antibody concentration must be determined by user for specific applications.
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