New Pathway Categories From Aviva Systems Biology

Aviva Systems Biology has recently added over 25,000 new reagent categories to our product offering. To search these categories please use Aviva’s Advanced Search Tool.

Below is a list of Aviva’s top 2,000 pathway product categories, which link to product selections.

Pathway Categories A-K Pathway Categories L-Z
abducens nerve formation lacrimal gland development
acetate metabolic process lactation
acetylcholine biosynthetic process lactose biosynthetic process
acid secretion lamellipodium assembly
acrosome reaction L-arginine import
actin cytoskeleton organization late viral mRNA transcription
actin cytoskeleton reorganization lateral geniculate nucleus development
actin filament capping lateral mesoderm development
actin filament depolymerization lateral mesoderm formation
actin filament organization lateral ventricle development
actin filament polymerization learning
actin filament severing learning or memory
actin nucleation left lung development
actin polymerization or depolymerization lens fiber cell development
activated T cell proliferation lens fiber cell differentiation
activin receptor signaling pathway leucine import
acute inflammatory response leucine transport
acute-phase response leukemia inhibitory factor signaling pathway
acylglycerol homeostasis leukocyte activation
adaptive immune response leukocyte adhesive activation
adenine salvage leukocyte cell-cell adhesion
adenine transport leukocyte chemotaxis
adenohypophysis development leukocyte degranulation
adenosine receptor signaling pathway leukocyte homeostasis
adipose tissue development leukocyte migration
ADP biosynthetic process leukocyte tethering or rolling
ADP transport leukotriene biosynthetic process
adrenal cortex formation Leydig cell differentiation
adrenal gland development L-glutamate transport
adult behavior limb bud formation
adult feeding behavior limb development
adult heart development limb morphogenesis
adult walking behavior limbic system development
aerobic respiration lipid biosynthetic process
aging lipid digestion
alcohol metabolic process lipid glycosylation
aldosterone biosynthetic process lipid homeostasis
alkaloid metabolic process lipid metabolic process
alpha-beta T cell activation lipid oxidation
alpha-beta T cell differentiation lipid particle organization
alpha-ketoglutarate transport lipid storage
amacrine cell differentiation lipid transport
amine biosynthetic process lipopolysaccharide biosynthetic process
amine metabolic process lipopolysaccharide transport
amine transport lipoprotein metabolic process
amino acid transport lipoprotein transport
amino sugar metabolic process lipoxygenase pathway
ammonium transport liver development
AMP biosynthetic process locomotion
anagen locomotor rhythm
androgen biosynthetic process locomotory behavior
androgen receptor signaling pathway long-chain fatty acid biosynthetic process
angiogenesis long-chain fatty acid transport
angiotensin maturation long-term memory
anion transport long-term synaptic potentiation
anoikis L-serine biosynthetic process
anterior region determination L-serine metabolic process
anti-apoptosis lung cell differentiation
antigen receptor-mediated signaling pathway lung development
antral ovarian follicle growth lung epithelial cell differentiation
aorta morphogenesis lung epithelium development
aorta smooth muscle tissue morphogenesis lung induction
aortic valve morphogenesis lung morphogenesis
apical protein localization lung vasculature development
apoptotic cell clearance luteinization
apoptotic chromosome condensation luteinizing hormone secretion
apoptotic mitochondrial changes luteinizing hormone signaling pathway
apoptotic nuclear change lymph node development
apoptotic process lymph vessel development
arachidonic acid secretion lymphangiogenesis
arginine biosynthetic process lymphatic endothelial cell differentiation
artery development lymphocyte activation
artery morphogenesis lymphocyte chemotaxis
artery smooth muscle contraction lymphocyte differentiation
asparagine biosynthetic process lymphocyte homeostasis
associative learning lymphocyte migration
astrocyte activation lymphocyte proliferation
astrocyte cell migration lymphoid progenitor cell differentiation
astrocyte development lysophospholipid transport
astrocyte differentiation lysosomal transport
asymmetric cell division lysosome organization
asymmetric protein localization M phase
ATP biosynthetic process macroautophagy
ATP metabolic process macromolecule biosynthetic process
ATP synthesis coupled proton transport macrophage activation
ATP transport macrophage apoptosis
ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling macrophage chemotaxis
atrial cardiac muscle cell development macrophage differentiation
atrial cardiac muscle tissue morphogenesis macrophage fusion
autocrine signaling magnesium ion homeostasis
autophagic cell death magnesium ion transport
autophagy malate-aspartate shuttle
axial mesoderm development male genitalia development
axial mesoderm formation male germ-line sex determination
axis specification male germ-line stem cell division
axon ensheathment male gonad development
axon extension male mating behavior
axon guidance male meiosis
axon regeneration male sex determination
axon target recognition male sex differentiation
axonal fasciculation mammary gland development
axonogenesis mammary gland epithelial cell differentiation
B cell activation mammary gland epithelial cell proliferation
B cell apoptosis mammary gland epithelium development
B cell chemotaxis mammary gland fat development
B cell cytokine production mammary gland involution
B cell differentiation mast cell activation
B cell homeostasis mast cell degranulation
B cell homeostatic proliferation mast cell differentiation
B cell lineage commitment mast cell mediated immunity
B cell mediated immunity mast cell proliferation
B cell negative selection maternal aggressive behavior
B cell proliferation maternal behavior
B cell receptor signaling pathway mating
base-excision repair mating behavior
basement membrane assembly mature dendritic cell differentiation
basophil chemotaxis mechanosensory behavior
basophil differentiation medium-chain fatty acid transport
behavior megakaryocyte development
behavioral fear response megakaryocyte differentiation
behavioral response to cocaine meiosis
behavioral response to ethanol meiotic gene conversion
behavioral response to pain meiotic prophase II
beta-amyloid formation melanin biosynthetic process
bicarbonate transport melanocyte differentiation
bile acid biosynthetic process melanosome transport
bile acid conjugation melatonin biosynthetic process
bile acid secretion membrane biogenesis
bilirubin conjugation membrane budding
bioluminescence membrane depolarization
biosynthetic process membrane hyperpolarization
blastocyst development membrane lipid metabolic process
blastocyst formation membrane protein intracellular domain proteolysis
blastoderm segmentation membrane protein proteolysis
blood circulation membrane raft localization
blood coagulation membrane raft organization
blood coagulation, extrinsic pathway memory
blood coagulation, intrinsic pathway memory T cell activation
blood vessel development menstrual cycle phase
blood vessel endothelial cell differentiation menstruation
blood vessel endothelial cell migration mesangial cell development
blood vessel maturation mesenchymal cell apoptosis
blood vessel morphogenesis mesenchymal cell development
blood vessel remodeling mesenchymal cell proliferation
BMP signaling pathway mesenchyme development
body fluid secretion mesenchyme migration
bone development mesoderm development
bone marrow development mesoderm formation
bone maturation mesoderm morphogenesis
bone mineralization mesodermal cell differentiation
bone morphogenesis mesodermal cell migration
bone remodeling mesonephros development
bone resorption metabolic process
brain development metamorphosis
brain morphogenesis metanephric mesenchyme development
brain renin-angiotensin system metanephric mesenchyme morphogenesis
brain segmentation metanephric nephron development
bronchiole development metanephros development
bronchus development methionine biosynthetic process
brown fat cell differentiation methylation
C21-steroid hormone biosynthetic process MHC class II biosynthetic process
calcium ion homeostasis microglial cell activation
calcium ion transmembrane transport microspike assembly
calcium ion transport microtubule anchoring
calcium-dependent cell-cell adhesion microtubule bundle formation
calcium-mediated signaling microtubule cytoskeleton organization
cAMP biosynthetic process microtubule depolymerization
cAMP-mediated signaling microtubule nucleation
canalicular bile acid transport microtubule polymerization
canonical Wnt receptor signaling pathway microtubule polymerization or depolymerization
carbohydrate biosynthetic process microtubule severing
carbohydrate catabolic process microtubule-based movement
carbohydrate mediated signaling midbrain development
carbohydrate metabolic process middle ear morphogenesis
carbohydrate transport midgut development
carbohydrate utilization mismatch repair
carbon dioxide transport mitochondrial citrate transport
carbon utilization mitochondrial depolarization
cardiac atrium formation mitochondrial DNA repair
cardiac cell differentiation mitochondrial DNA replication
cardiac cell fate determination mitochondrial fission
cardiac conduction mitochondrial fusion
cardiac left ventricle formation mitochondrial genome maintenance
cardiac left ventricle morphogenesis mitochondrial membrane organization
cardiac muscle cell differentiation mitochondrial ornithine transport
cardiac muscle cell myoblast differentiation mitochondrial respiratory chain complex assembly
cardiac muscle cell proliferation mitochondrial translation
cardiac muscle contraction mitochondrial transport
cardiac muscle fiber development mitochondrion degradation
cardiac muscle hypertrophy mitochondrion distribution
cardiac muscle tissue development mitochondrion localization
cardiac muscle tissue morphogenesis mitochondrion morphogenesis
cardiac muscle tissue regeneration mitochondrion organization
cardiac myofibril assembly mitosis
cardiac right ventricle formation mitotic anaphase
cardiac right ventricle morphogenesis mitotic cell cycle
cardiac septum development mitotic cell cycle arrest
cardiac septum morphogenesis mitotic cell cycle checkpoint
cardiac vascular smooth muscle cell differentiation mitotic cell cycle DNA replication checkpoint
cardiac ventricle development mitotic cell cycle spindle assembly checkpoint
cardiac ventricle formation mitotic cell cycle spindle checkpoint
cardiac ventricle morphogenesis mitotic centrosome separation
carnitine biosynthetic process mitotic chromosome condensation
carnitine transport mitotic metaphase
cartilage condensation mitotic prometaphase
cartilage development mitotic prophase
cartilage morphogenesis mitotic recombination
catabolic process mitotic sister chromatid cohesion
catagen mitotic sister chromatid segregation
catecholamine biosynthetic process mitotic spindle elongation
catecholamine metabolic process mitotic spindle organization
cation transport mitral valve formation
CD40 signaling pathway mitral valve morphogenesis
CD4-positive, alpha-beta T cell differentiation molecular hydrogen transport
CD4-positive, alpha-beta T cell proliferation monocyte activation
CD8-positive, alpha-beta T cell differentiation monocyte chemotaxis
Cdc42 protein signal transduction monocyte differentiation
cell activation monocyte extravasation
cell adhesion mononuclear cell proliferation
cell aging monosaccharide metabolic process
cell chemotaxis motor axon guidance
cell communication mRNA 3-end processing
cell cycle mRNA capping
cell cycle arrest mRNA cleavage
cell cycle checkpoint mRNA metabolic process
cell cycle cytokinesis mRNA modification
cell death mRNA polyadenylation
cell dedifferentiation mRNA processing
cell development mRNA splice site selection
cell differentiation mRNA stabilization
cell division mRNA transcription
cell envelope organization mRNA transport
cell fate commitment mucus secretion
cell fate determination Mullerian duct regression
cell fate specification multicellular organism growth
cell growth muscle atrophy
cell junction assembly muscle cell apoptosis
cell maturation muscle cell development
cell migration muscle cell differentiation
cell morphogenesis muscle cell fate determination
cell motility muscle cell homeostasis
cell projection morphogenesis muscle contraction
cell projection organization muscle fiber development
cell proliferation muscle filament sliding
cell proliferation in forebrain muscle hypertrophy
cell recognition muscle organ development
cell redox homeostasis muscle organ morphogenesis
cell surface receptor linked signaling pathway muscle system process
cell volume homeostasis muscle tissue morphogenesis
cell-cell adhesion musculoskeletal movement
cell-cell recognition MyD88-dependent toll-like receptor signaling pathway
cell-cell signaling myelin maintenance
cell-matrix adhesion myelination
cell-substrate adhesion myeloid cell apoptosis
cellular amino acid biosynthetic process myeloid cell differentiation
cellular amino acid metabolic process myeloid cell homeostasis
cellular calcium ion homeostasis myeloid dendritic cell differentiation
cellular carbohydrate metabolic process myeloid leukocyte differentiation
cellular cation homeostasis myeloid progenitor cell differentiation
cellular component movement myoblast development
cellular copper ion homeostasis myoblast differentiation
cellular defense response myoblast fusion
cellular extravasation myoblast migration
cellular glucose homeostasis myoblast proliferation
cellular glucuronidation myofibril assembly
cellular heat acclimation myotube cell development
cellular homeostasis myotube differentiation
cellular hyperosmotic response NAD biosynthetic process
cellular hypotonic response NAD transport
cellular ion homeostasis NADH oxidation
cellular iron ion homeostasis NADP biosynthetic process
cellular lipid metabolic process NADPH oxidation
cellular membrane fusion natural killer cell activation
cellular membrane organization natural killer cell degranulation
cellular metabolic process natural killer cell differentiation
cellular metal ion homeostasis natural killer cell mediated cytotoxicity
cellular phosphate ion homeostasis natural killer cell proliferation
cellular pigment accumulation necrotic cell death
cellular pigmentation negative chemotaxis
cellular potassium ion homeostasis negative regulation of NAD(P)H oxidase activity
cellular process negative T cell selection
cellular protein complex assembly negative thymic T cell selection
cellular protein complex localization nephron tubule formation
cellular protein localization nerve development
cellular protein metabolic process nerve growth factor processing
cellular respiration nerve growth factor production
cellular response to alkaloid nerve growth factor receptor signaling pathway
cellular response to antibiotic nerve maturation
cellular response to ATP nervous system development
cellular response to cadmium ion neural crest cell development
cellular response to calcium ion neural crest cell differentiation
cellular response to cAMP neural crest cell migration
cellular response to cholesterol neural crest formation
cellular response to drug neural fold formation
cellular response to ethanol neural plate morphogenesis
cellular response to gamma radiation neural precursor cell proliferation
cellular response to heat neural retina development
cellular response to hydrogen peroxide neural tube closure
cellular response to hydroperoxide neural tube development
cellular response to hypoxia neural tube formation
cellular response to interferon-alpha neuroblast proliferation
cellular response to interferon-gamma neuroepithelial cell differentiation
cellular response to interleukin-1 neurogenesis
cellular response to interleukin-4 neuromuscular junction development
cellular response to interleukin-6 neuromuscular process
cellular response to ionizing radiation neuromuscular synaptic transmission
cellular response to iron ion neuron apoptosis
cellular response to leucine neuron cell-cell adhesion
cellular response to lipid neuron death
cellular response to lipopolysaccharide neuron development
cellular response to nitric oxide neuron differentiation
cellular response to nutrient neuron fate determination
cellular response to nutrient levels neuron fate specification
cellular response to oxidative stress neuron homeostasis
cellular response to potassium ion neuron maturation
cellular response to reactive oxygen species neuron migration
cellular response to retinoic acid neuron projection development
cellular response to stimulus neuron projection morphogenesis
cellular response to stress neuron projection regeneration
cellular response to tumor cell neuron recognition
cellular response to tumor necrosis factor neuron remodeling
cellular response to UV neuronal signal transduction
cellular response to vitamin D neuronal stem cell maintenance
cellular senescence neuropeptide signaling pathway
cellular sodium ion homeostasis neuroprotection
cellular zinc ion homeostasis neurotransmitter biosynthetic process
central nervous system development neurotransmitter metabolic process
central nervous system morphogenesis neurotransmitter secretion
central nervous system myelin formation neurotransmitter transport
central nervous system myelination neurotransmitter uptake
central nervous system neuron development neutrophil activation
central nervous system neuron differentiation neutrophil apoptosis
central tolerance induction neutrophil chemotaxis
centrosome cycle neutrophil degranulation
centrosome duplication neutrophil differentiation
centrosome localization neutrophil mediated immunity
centrosome organization N-glycan processing
ceramide biosynthetic process nitric oxide biosynthetic process
cerebellar cortex development nitric oxide homeostasis
cerebellar cortex morphogenesis nitric oxide mediated signal transduction
cerebellar Purkinje cell differentiation nitric oxide metabolic process
cerebellum development nitric oxide storage
cerebellum formation nitric oxide transport
cerebellum morphogenesis nitrite transport
cerebral cortex cell migration NK T cell proliferation
cerebral cortex development nonassociative learning
cerebral cortex neuron differentiation noradrenergic neuron differentiation
cerebrospinal fluid secretion norepinephrine biosynthetic process
cervix development nose development
cGMP biosynthetic process nose morphogenesis
chemokine biosynthetic process Notch signaling pathway
chemokinesis notochord development
chemotaxis notochord morphogenesis
chloramphenicol transport N-terminal protein amino acid acetylation
chloride transport N-terminal protein amino acid modification
chlorophyll biosynthetic process N-terminal protein myristoylation
cholesterol biosynthetic process nuclear envelope organization
cholesterol efflux nuclear export
cholesterol esterification nuclear import
cholesterol homeostasis nuclear mRNA surveillance
cholesterol metabolic process nuclear pore complex assembly
cholesterol storage nuclear pore distribution
cholesterol transport nuclear pore organization
chondroblast differentiation nucleocytoplasmic transport
chondrocyte development nucleoside metabolic process
chondrocyte differentiation nucleosome assembly
chondrocyte hypertrophy nucleosome disassembly
chondrocyte proliferation nucleosome positioning
chondroitin sulfate biosynthetic process nucleotide biosynthetic process
chondroitin sulfate proteoglycan biosynthetic process nucleotide metabolic process
chordate embryonic development nucleotide-excision repair
chromatin assembly nucleotide-excision repair, DNA damage recognition
chromatin assembly or disassembly nucleotide-excision repair, DNA damage removal
chromatin maintenance nucleotide-excision repair, DNA incision
chromatin modification nucleus organization
chromatin organization oculomotor nerve formation
chromatin remodeling odontoblast differentiation
chromatin silencing odontogenesis
chromosome breakage olfactory behavior
chromosome condensation olfactory bulb interneuron differentiation
chromosome organization olfactory nerve development
chromosome segregation olfactory placode formation
chronic inflammatory response oligodendrocyte development
chronological cell aging oligodendrocyte differentiation
ciliary cell motility oligopeptide transport
cilium assembly oligosaccharide biosynthetic process
cilium morphogenesis oncogene-induced senescence
cilium movement oocyte development
circadian behavior oocyte differentiation
circadian rhythm oocyte growth
circadian sleep/wake cycle oocyte maturation
circadian temperature homeostasis oogenesis
citrate metabolic process opsonization
clathrin coat assembly optic chiasma development
cobalamin transport optic nerve development
cobalt ion transport optic nerve morphogenesis
cochlea development optic vesicle morphogenesis
cochlea morphogenesis optokinetic behavior
coenzyme biosynthetic process organ development
cofactor transport organ formation
cognition organ growth
collagen biosynthetic process organ induction
collagen fibril organization organ morphogenesis
collagen metabolic process organ regeneration
collateral sprouting organelle fusion
collecting duct development organelle organization
commissural neuron axon guidance organic anion transport
common bile duct development ossification
complement activation osteoblast development
complement activation, alternative pathway osteoblast differentiation
complement activation, classical pathway osteoblast proliferation
complement activation, lectin pathway osteoclast differentiation
connective tissue growth factor biosynthetic process osteoclast proliferation
contact inhibition otic vesicle development
convergent extension otic vesicle formation
copper ion homeostasis outflow tract morphogenesis
copper ion transport ovarian cumulus expansion
copulation ovarian follicle development
coronary artery morphogenesis oviduct epithelium development
corpus callosum development ovulation
corpus callosum morphogenesis ovulation cycle
cortical actin cytoskeleton organization oxidation-reduction process
cortical microtubule organization oxidative demethylation
cortisol biosynthetic process oxidative phosphorylation
cortisol secretion oxygen homeostasis
cranial nerve development oxygen metabolic process
cranial suture morphogenesis palate development
creatine biosynthetic process pancreas development
cristae formation pancreas morphogenesis
cyclooxygenase pathway pancreatic juice secretion
cysteine biosynthetic process paracrine signaling
cytochrome complex assembly parathyroid gland development
cytokine biosynthetic process paraxial mesoderm formation
cytokine metabolic process paraxial mesoderm morphogenesis
cytokine production parturition
cytokine secretion pattern specification process
cytokinesis penile erection
cytokinesis after mitosis pentose-phosphate shunt
cytolysis peptide antigen stabilization
cytoplasmic microtubule organization peptide antigen transport
cytoplasmic transport peptide biosynthetic process
cytoskeleton organization peptide catabolic process
cytosolic calcium ion homeostasis peptide cross-linking
cytotoxic T cell degranulation peptide hormone processing
cytotoxic T cell differentiation peptide hormone secretion
de novo protein folding peptide metabolic process
decidualization peptide secretion
defense response pericardium development
definitive erythrocyte differentiation pericardium morphogenesis
definitive hemopoiesis peripheral nervous system axon regeneration
dendrite development peripheral nervous system development
dendrite morphogenesis peripheral nervous system neuron development
dendritic cell chemotaxis peristalsis
dendritic cell dendrite assembly peroxisomal membrane transport
dendritic cell differentiation peroxisome membrane biogenesis
dendritic spine morphogenesis peroxisome organization
dentate gyrus development peroxisome proliferator activated receptor signaling pathway
deoxyribonucleotide biosynthetic process phage assembly
dephosphorylation phagocytosis
depurination phagocytosis, engulfment
developmental cell growth phagocytosis, recognition
developmental growth pharyngeal system development
developmental pigmentation pharynx development
developmental programmed cell death phosphate ion homeostasis
diacylglycerol biosynthetic process phosphatidic acid biosynthetic process
diapedesis phosphatidylcholine biosynthetic process
diaphragm contraction phosphatidylethanolamine biosynthetic process
diaphragm development phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase cascade
diencephalon development phosphatidylinositol biosynthetic process
digestion phosphatidylinositol dephosphorylation
digestive tract development phosphatidylinositol phosphorylation
digestive tract morphogenesis phosphatidylserine biosynthetic process
distal tubule development phosphoenolpyruvate-dependent sugar phosphotransferase system
DNA conformation change phospholipid biosynthetic process
DNA cytosine deamination phospholipid dephosphorylation
DNA damage checkpoint phospholipid efflux
DNA damage induced protein phosphorylation phospholipid homeostasis
DNA deamination phospholipid metabolic process
DNA demethylation phospholipid translocation
DNA double-strand break processing phospholipid transport
DNA duplex unwinding phosphorylation
DNA integration photoperiodism
DNA ligation photoreceptor cell maintenance
DNA mediated transformation photoreceptor cell morphogenesis
DNA metabolic process photosynthesis
DNA methylation phototransduction
DNA modification pigmentation
DNA packaging pinocytosis
DNA protection pituitary gland development
DNA recombinase assembly placenta blood vessel development
DNA recombination placenta development
DNA repair plasma cell differentiation
DNA replication plasma membrane fusion
DNA replication checkpoint plasma membrane long-chain fatty acid transport
DNA replication proofreading plasma membrane organization
DNA strand elongation plasma membrane repair
DNA-dependent DNA replication plasminogen activation
dopamine biosynthetic process platelet activating factor biosynthetic process
dopamine receptor signaling pathway platelet activation
dopamine uptake platelet aggregation
dopaminergic neuron differentiation platelet degranulation
dorsal spinal cord development platelet formation
dosage compensation platelet-derived growth factor receptor signaling pathway
double-strand break repair polarized epithelial cell differentiation
drinking behavior pole cell migration
drug catabolic process polyamine biosynthetic process
drug export polyamine homeostasis
drug metabolic process polysaccharide digestion
drug transport pore complex assembly
ductus arteriosus closure positive chemotaxis
ear development positive regulation of NAD(P)H oxidase activity
eating behavior positive T cell selection
ectoderm development positive thymic T cell selection
ectoderm formation post-embryonic development
egg activation postreplication repair
electron transport chain postsynaptic membrane assembly
embryo development postsynaptic membrane organization
embryo implantation post-translational protein acetylation
embryonic arm morphogenesis post-translational protein modification
embryonic axis specification potassium ion homeostasis
embryonic body morphogenesis potassium ion transport
embryonic cranial skeleton morphogenesis pre-B cell differentiation
embryonic digestive tract development pre-miRNA processing
embryonic digestive tract morphogenesis prepulse inhibition
embryonic digit morphogenesis primary follicle stage
embryonic eye morphogenesis primary miRNA processing
embryonic foregut morphogenesis primary sex determination
embryonic forelimb morphogenesis primary spermatocyte growth
embryonic genitalia morphogenesis primitive erythrocyte differentiation
embryonic heart tube development primitive streak formation
embryonic heart tube formation pro-B cell differentiation
embryonic hemopoiesis progesterone biosynthetic process
embryonic hindlimb morphogenesis progesterone receptor signaling pathway
embryonic limb morphogenesis progesterone secretion
embryonic morphogenesis programmed cell death
embryonic organ development proline biosynthetic process
embryonic organ morphogenesis pronephros development
embryonic pattern specification proprioception
embryonic placenta development prostaglandin biosynthetic process
embryonic placenta morphogenesis prostate gland development
embryonic skeletal system development prostate gland growth
embryonic skeletal system morphogenesis proteasome assembly
enamel mineralization protein ADP-ribosylation
endocardial cell differentiation protein autophosphorylation
endocardial cushion development protein autoprocessing
endocardial cushion formation protein catabolic process
endocardium development protein complex assembly
endocardium formation protein complex localization
endocardium morphogenesis protein deacetylation
endochondral bone growth protein deamination
endochondral ossification protein deglycosylation
endocrine pancreas development protein demethylation
endocytic recycling protein dephosphorylation
endocytosis protein destabilization
endoderm development protein deubiquitination
endoderm formation protein farnesylation
endodermal cell differentiation protein folding
endoplasmic reticulum calcium ion homeostasis protein geranylgeranylation
endoplasmic reticulum membrane fusion protein glutathionylation
endoplasmic reticulum organization protein glycosylation
endoplasmic reticulum unfolded protein response protein hydroxylation
endosome organization protein kinase B signaling cascade
endosome transport protein kinase C deactivation
endothelial cell activation protein kinase C signaling cascade
endothelial cell chemotaxis protein lipidation
endothelial cell differentiation protein lipoylation
endothelial cell migration protein localization
endothelial cell proliferation protein localization to nucleus
endothelial cell-cell adhesion protein localization to organelle
endothelial tube morphogenesis protein maturation
enteric nervous system development protein metabolic process
enzyme linked receptor protein signaling pathway protein methylation
eosinophil chemotaxis protein modification process
eosinophil degranulation protein monoubiquitination
eosinophil differentiation protein N-linked glycosylation
epidermal cell differentiation protein oligomerization
epidermal cell fate specification protein O-linked glycosylation
epidermal growth factor receptor signaling pathway protein palmitoylation
epidermis development protein phosphorylation
epidermis morphogenesis protein poly-ADP-ribosylation
epinephrine biosynthetic process protein polymerization
epithelial cell development protein polyubiquitination
epithelial cell differentiation protein prenylation
epithelial cell maturation protein processing
epithelial cell morphogenesis protein refolding
epithelial cell proliferation protein repair
epithelial cell-cell adhesion protein secretion
epithelial fluid transport protein stabilization
epithelial structure maintenance protein sulfation
epithelial tube morphogenesis protein sumoylation
epithelium development protein targeting
erythrocyte development protein targeting to membrane
erythrocyte differentiation protein tetramerization
erythrocyte homeostasis protein thiol-disulfide exchange
erythrocyte maturation protein transport
estrogen biosynthetic process protein trimerization
estrogen metabolic process protein ubiquitination
ethanol oxidation protein unfolding
ether lipid biosynthetic process protein-DNA complex assembly
excretion proteoglycan biosynthetic process
exocrine pancreas development proteolysis
exocrine system development proton transport
exocytosis provirus integration
exploration behavior proximal tubule development
external genitalia morphogenesis pseudopodium assembly
extracellular matrix organization pseudopodium organization
extracellular polysaccharide biosynthetic process pseudouridine synthesis
eye development pulmonary artery morphogenesis
eye morphogenesis pulmonary myocardium development
eye photoreceptor cell development pulmonary valve formation
eye photoreceptor cell differentiation pulmonary vein morphogenesis
eye pigment biosynthetic process purine base biosynthetic process
eye pigmentation purine nucleotide biosynthetic process
face development purine nucleotide metabolic process
face morphogenesis purine nucleotide salvage
facial nerve development purine ribonucleoside salvage
facial nerve morphogenesis putrescine biosynthetic process
facial nucleus development pyramidal neuron development
Factor XII activation pyridine nucleotide biosynthetic process
FAD biosynthetic process pyrimidine nucleoside biosynthetic process
fat cell differentiation pyrimidine nucleoside salvage
fatty acid beta-oxidation pyrimidine nucleotide biosynthetic process
fatty acid biosynthetic process pyrimidine ribonucleotide biosynthetic process
fatty acid elongation pyruvate biosynthetic process
fatty acid elongation, polyunsaturated fatty acid pyruvate metabolic process
fatty acid elongation, saturated fatty acid Rac protein signal transduction
fatty acid homeostasis radial glial cell differentiation
fatty acid metabolic process Rap protein signal transduction
fatty acid oxidation Ras protein signal transduction
fatty acid transport reactive oxygen species metabolic process
fatty-acyl-CoA biosynthetic process receptor biosynthetic process
feeding behavior receptor clustering
female courtship behavior receptor guanylyl cyclase signaling pathway
female gamete generation receptor internalization
female genitalia development receptor recycling
female genitalia morphogenesis receptor transactivation
female gonad development receptor-mediated endocytosis
female meiosis regulated secretory pathway
female pregnancy regulatory T cell differentiation
female sex determination renal absorption
female somatic sex determination renal glucose absorption
fertilization renal sodium ion absorption
fever generation renal system development
fibril organization renal vesicle formation
fibrinolysis renal water homeostasis
fibroblast activation renal water transport
fibroblast growth factor receptor signaling pathway replication fork arrest
fibroblast migration replicative cell aging
fibroblast proliferation replicative senescence
filopodium assembly respiratory burst
flagellar cell motility respiratory burst after phagocytosis
flagellum assembly respiratory electron transport chain
flavonoid glucuronidation respiratory system development
floor plate development respiratory tube development
floor plate formation response to acid
fluid transport response to acidity
focal adhesion assembly response to activity
folic acid transport response to alkaloid
follicle-stimulating hormone secretion response to amphetamine
follicular dendritic cell differentiation response to antibiotic
foramen ovale closure response to ATP
forebrain astrocyte development response to bacterium
forebrain cell migration response to cadmium ion
forebrain development response to caffeine
forebrain morphogenesis response to calcium ion
forebrain neuron development response to cAMP
forebrain neuron differentiation response to carbon monoxide
forebrain radial glial cell differentiation response to cholesterol
forelimb morphogenesis response to cocaine
formaldehyde biosynthetic process response to cold
fourth ventricle development response to copper ion
fructose biosynthetic process response to cycloheximide
fructose transport response to drug
G1 phase response to endoplasmic reticulum stress
gall bladder development response to ethanol
gamete generation response to ether
gamma-aminobutyric acid signaling pathway response to folic acid
gamma-delta T cell activation response to food
ganglioside biosynthetic process response to fungicide
gap junction assembly response to fungus
gas transport response to gamma radiation
gastric acid secretion response to heat
gastrulation response to herbicide
gene expression response to histamine
gene silencing response to host immune response
genitalia development response to hydrogen peroxide
germ cell development response to hyperoxia
germ cell migration response to hypoxia
germinal center formation response to insecticide
germ-line stem cell maintenance response to interferon-alpha
gland development response to interferon-beta
gland morphogenesis response to interferon-gamma
glial cell development response to interleukin-1
glial cell differentiation response to interleukin-2
glial cell fate determination response to interleukin-4
glial cell migration response to interleukin-6
glial cell proliferation response to ionizing radiation
globus pallidus development response to iron ion
glomerular basement membrane development response to lipid
glomerular capillary formation response to lipid hydroperoxide
glomerular endothelium development response to lipopolysaccharide
glomerular mesangial cell development response to metal ion
glomerular mesangial cell proliferation response to methotrexate
glomerulus morphogenesis response to methylmercury
glucagon secretion response to morphine
glucocorticoid biosynthetic process response to muscle activity
glucocorticoid receptor signaling pathway response to nematode
gluconeogenesis response to nicotine
glucose homeostasis response to nitric oxide
glucose import response to nutrient
glucose metabolic process response to nutrient levels
glucose transport response to organophosphorus
glucose-6-phosphate transport response to oxidative stress
glutamate biosynthetic process response to ozone
glutamate metabolic process response to pain
glutamate secretion response to pH
glutamate signaling pathway response to pyrethroid
glutamine biosynthetic process response to radiation
glutamine metabolic process response to reactive oxygen species
glutathione biosynthetic process response to redox state
glutathione metabolic process response to retinoic acid
glutathione transport response to stimulus
glycerol biosynthetic process response to stress
glycerol metabolic process response to toxin
glycine biosynthetic process response to tumor necrosis factor
glycogen biosynthetic process response to UV
glycogen metabolic process response to virus
glycolipid biosynthetic process response to vitamin D
glycolipid transport response to X-ray
glycolysis response to yeast
glycoprotein biosynthetic process response to zinc ion
glycoprotein metabolic process retina homeostasis
glycosaminoglycan biosynthetic process retina layer formation
glycosphingolipid biosynthetic process retinal bipolar neuron differentiation
glyoxylate cycle retinal cell programmed cell death
GMP biosynthetic process retinal cone cell development
Golgi organization retinal ganglion cell axon guidance
Golgi vesicle transport retinal pigment epithelium development
gonad development retinal rod cell development
gonad morphogenesis retinal rod cell differentiation
gonadal mesoderm development retinoic acid receptor signaling pathway
G-protein coupled receptor internalization retroviral genome replication
G-protein coupled receptor signaling pathway reverse cholesterol transport
granulocyte differentiation Rho protein signal transduction
granulocyte macrophage colony-stimulating factor biosynthetic process rhythmic behavior
granulosa cell development rhythmic excitation
granulosa cell differentiation rhythmic process
grooming behavior riboflavin biosynthetic process
growth ribosomal small subunit assembly
growth hormone receptor signaling pathway ribosome assembly
growth hormone secretion ribosome biogenesis
GTP biosynthetic process right lung development
guanine salvage right lung morphogenesis
hair cell differentiation RNA 3-end processing
hair follicle development RNA 5-end processing
hair follicle morphogenesis RNA capping
hard palate development RNA interference
head development RNA metabolic process
head morphogenesis RNA methylation
heart contraction RNA modification
heart development RNA polyadenylation
heart formation RNA processing
heart looping RNA repair
heart morphogenesis RNA splicing
heart valve formation RNA transport
heme biosynthetic process RNA-dependent DNA replication
heme oxidation rRNA 3-end processing
hemoglobin biosynthetic process rRNA processing
hemoglobin metabolic process rRNA transcription
hemopoiesis S phase
hemopoietic progenitor cell differentiation S-adenosylmethionine biosynthetic process
hemopoietic stem cell differentiation saliva secretion
hemopoietic stem cell proliferation salivary gland development
hemostasis salivary gland morphogenesis
heparan sulfate proteoglycan biosynthetic process sarcomere organization
heparin biosynthetic process sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium ion transport
hepatic duct development Schwann cell differentiation
hepatic immune response Schwann cell proliferation
hepatocyte differentiation sclerotome development
hepatocyte growth factor receptor signaling pathway sebaceous gland development
heterochromatin assembly secretion
hexose biosynthetic process secretory granule localization
hexose metabolic process segment specification
hindbrain development segmentation
hindbrain morphogenesis selenocysteine incorporation
hindgut morphogenesis semicircular canal formation
hindlimb morphogenesis seminiferous tubule development
hippocampus development sensory organ development
histamine uptake sensory perception
histidine biosynthetic process sensory processing
histone acetylation sensory system development
histone deacetylation serotonin biosynthetic process
histone H2A acetylation serotonin uptake
histone H3 acetylation Sertoli cell development
histone H3 deacetylation Sertoli cell differentiation
histone H4 acetylation sex determination
histone H4 deacetylation sex differentiation
histone lysine methylation sexual reproduction
histone methylation siderophore biosynthetic process
histone modification siderophore transport
histone phosphorylation signal complex assembly
histone ubiquitination signal peptide processing
homeostatic process signal transduction
homologous chromosome segregation single fertilization
homophilic cell adhesion single strand break repair
homotypic cell-cell adhesion sinoatrial node development
hormone biosynthetic process sister chromatid cohesion
hormone metabolic process sister chromatid segregation
hormone transport skeletal muscle atrophy
humoral immune response skeletal muscle cell differentiation
hydrogen peroxide biosynthetic process skeletal muscle contraction
hydrogen sulfide biosynthetic process skeletal muscle fiber development
hyperosmotic response skeletal muscle tissue development
hypothalamus cell migration skeletal muscle tissue growth
hypothalamus development skeletal muscle tissue regeneration
hypoxanthine biosynthetic process skeletal system development
hypoxanthine salvage skeletal system morphogenesis
icosanoid biosynthetic process skin development
immune response skin morphogenesis
immune response to tumor cell sleep
immune system process SMAD protein signal transduction
immunoglobulin biosynthetic process small GTPase mediated signal transduction
immunoglobulin mediated immune response smooth muscle adaptation
immunoglobulin secretion smooth muscle cell chemotaxis
immunoglobulin V(D)J recombination smooth muscle cell differentiation
immunological synapse formation smooth muscle cell migration
inferior colliculus development smooth muscle cell proliferation
inflammatory cell apoptosis smooth muscle cell-matrix adhesion
inflammatory response smooth muscle contraction
innate immune response smooth muscle hyperplasia
inner cell mass cell proliferation smooth muscle hypertrophy
inner ear development smooth muscle tissue development
inner ear morphogenesis smoothened signaling pathway
inner ear receptor cell development snRNA processing
inner mitochondrial membrane organization snRNA transcription
innervation social behavior
inosine biosynthetic process sodium ion homeostasis
inositol biosynthetic process sodium ion transport
inositol phosphate biosynthetic process sodium-independent organic anion transport
inositol phosphate dephosphorylation soft palate development
inositol phosphorylation somatic stem cell division
insemination somatic stem cell maintenance
insulin receptor signaling pathway somite development
insulin secretion somite specification
insulin-like growth factor receptor signaling pathway somitogenesis
integrin activation sperm capacitation
integrin biosynthetic process sperm chromatin condensation
integrin-mediated signaling pathway sperm ejaculation
interferon-beta production sperm motility
interferon-gamma biosynthetic process spermatid development
interferon-gamma production spermatid differentiation
interleukin-1 beta biosynthetic process spermatogenesis
interleukin-1 beta secretion spermidine biosynthetic process
interleukin-12 secretion spermine biosynthetic process
interleukin-2 biosynthetic process spermine transport
interleukin-2 production sphingolipid biosynthetic process
interleukin-2 secretion sphingomyelin biosynthetic process
interleukin-3 production sphingosine biosynthetic process
interleukin-6 biosynthetic process spinal cord development
interleukin-8 biosynthetic process spinal cord motor neuron differentiation
interleukin-8 production spindle assembly
intermediate filament cytoskeleton organization spindle checkpoint
intermediate filament organization spindle organization
interphase spleen development
intestinal absorption spliceosomal snRNP assembly
intestinal cholesterol absorption spliceosome assembly
intestinal epithelial cell development sprouting angiogenesis
intestinal epithelial cell differentiation startle response
intestine smooth muscle contraction stem cell development
intracellular cholesterol transport stem cell differentiation
intracellular copper ion transport stem cell division
intracellular estrogen receptor signaling pathway stem cell maintenance
intracellular mRNA localization stem cell proliferation
intracellular pH reduction steroid biosynthetic process
intracellular protein kinase cascade steroid hormone mediated signaling pathway
intracellular protein transport steroid metabolic process
intracellular receptor mediated signaling pathway sterol biosynthetic process
intracellular signal transduction sterol metabolic process
intracellular steroid hormone receptor signaling pathway store-operated calcium entry
intracellular transport stress fiber assembly
intracellular virion transport striated muscle cell development
intramembranous ossification striated muscle cell differentiation
ion homeostasis striated muscle contraction
ion transmembrane transport striatum development
ion transport substantia nigra development
iris morphogenesis suckling behavior
iron ion homeostasis sulfate assimilation
iron ion transport sulfate transport
iron-sulfur cluster assembly sulfation
isoprenoid biosynthetic process sulfur amino acid biosynthetic process
isotype switching superior temporal gyrus development
JNK cascade superoxide anion generation
keratinization superoxide metabolic process
keratinocyte activation surfactant homeostasis
keratinocyte development sympathetic nervous system development
keratinocyte differentiation synapse assembly
keratinocyte migration synapse organization
keratinocyte proliferation synapsis
keywords_name synaptic transmission
kidney development synaptic transmission, cholinergic
kidney morphogenesis synaptic transmission, dopaminergic
kinetochore assembly synaptic transmission, GABAergic
kinetochore organization synaptic transmission, glutamatergic
synaptic transmission, glycinergic
synaptic vesicle amine transport
synaptic vesicle endocytosis
synaptic vesicle exocytosis
synaptic vesicle transport
syncytium formation
T cell activation
T cell aggregation
T cell costimulation
T cell cytokine production
T cell differentiation
T cell homeostasis
T cell homeostatic proliferation
T cell lineage commitment
T cell mediated immunity
T cell migration
T cell proliferation
T cell receptor signaling pathway
T cell receptor V(D)J recombination
T cell selection
tail morphogenesis
taurine biosynthetic process
tear secretion
telencephalon cell migration
telencephalon development
telomere assembly
telomere capping
telomere maintenance
temperature homeostasis
tendon cell differentiation
terminal region determination
terpene metabolic process
testosterone biosynthetic process
tetrahydrofolate biosynthetic process
thalamus development
T-helper 1 cell cytokine production
T-helper 1 cell differentiation
T-helper 1 type immune response
T-helper 17 cell differentiation
T-helper 2 cell activation
T-helper 2 cell cytokine production
T-helper 2 cell differentiation
T-helper cell differentiation
third ventricle development
threonine biosynthetic process
thrombin receptor signaling pathway
thymic T cell selection
thymidine biosynthetic process
thymocyte apoptosis
thymus development
thyroid gland development
thyroid hormone generation
thyroid hormone transport
tight junction assembly
tissue development
tissue homeostasis
tissue regeneration
tissue remodeling
tolerance induction
Toll signaling pathway
toll-like receptor 1 signaling pathway
toll-like receptor 2 signaling pathway
toll-like receptor 3 signaling pathway
toll-like receptor 4 signaling pathway
toll-like receptor 7 signaling pathway
toll-like receptor 9 signaling pathway
toll-like receptor signaling pathway
tongue development
tongue morphogenesis
tooth mineralization
TOR signaling cascade
torso signaling pathway
toxin biosynthetic process
toxin metabolic process
trachea development
trachea formation
trachea morphogenesis
transcription antitermination
transcription, DNA-dependent
transcription-coupled nucleotide-excision repair
transepithelial ammonium transport
transepithelial chloride transport
transepithelial transport
transepithelial water transport
transferrin transport
transformed cell apoptosis
transforming growth factor beta receptor signaling pathway
translational attenuation
translational elongation
translational frameshifting
translational initiation
translational termination
translesion synthesis
transmembrane receptor protein tyrosine kinase signaling pathway
transmembrane transport
tricarboxylic acid cycle
tricuspid valve development
tricuspid valve formation
trigeminal nerve development
triglyceride biosynthetic process
triglyceride homeostasis
triglyceride metabolic process
triglyceride mobilization
triglyceride transport
tRNA 3-end processing
tRNA modification
tRNA processing
trophoblast giant cell differentiation
trunk segmentation
tryptophan transport
tube development
tube formation
tubulin complex assembly
type 2 immune response
type B pancreatic cell development
Type II pneumocyte differentiation
ubiquinone biosynthetic process
unsaturated fatty acid biosynthetic process
urate biosynthetic process
urea cycle
urea metabolic process
ureter development
ureter morphogenesis
ureteric bud development
ureteric bud formation
urinary bladder development
urinary bladder smooth muscle contraction
urogenital system development
urothelial cell proliferation
uterine epithelium development
uterus development
uterus morphogenesis
UTP biosynthetic process
UV protection
V(D)J recombination
vacuolar acidification
vacuolar transport
vacuole organization
vagina development
vascular endothelial growth factor production
vascular endothelial growth factor receptor signaling pathway
vascular smooth muscle cell development
vascular transport
vasculature development
vein smooth muscle contraction
venous blood vessel development
venous blood vessel morphogenesis
ventral cord development
ventral midline determination
ventral midline development
ventricular cardiac muscle cell development
ventricular cardiac muscle cell differentiation
ventricular cardiac muscle tissue morphogenesis
ventricular cardiac myofibril development
ventricular septum development
ventricular septum morphogenesis
vesicle docking
vesicle fusion
vesicle localization
vesicle organization
vesicle targeting
vesicle-mediated transport
vestibular reflex
vestibulocochlear nerve development
vestibulocochlear nerve formation
viral genome replication
viral infectious cycle
viral reproduction
viral transcription
virus-host interaction
virus-infected cell apoptosis
visual learning
visual perception
vitamin D biosynthetic process
vitamin D receptor signaling pathway
vitamin metabolic process
vitamin transport
vitelline membrane formation
vocal learning
vocalization behavior
water homeostasis
water transport
white fat cell differentiation
Wnt receptor signaling pathway
wound healing
xenobiotic glucuronidation
xenobiotic transport
zinc ion transport
zymogen activation
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