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PCBD2 antibody - C-terminal region (ARP60484_P050)

Description of Target:
PCBD2 is involved in tetrahydrobiopterin biosynthesis. It seems to both prevent the formation of 7-pterins and accelerate the formation of quinonoid-BH2.
Gene Symbol:
Official Gene Full Name:
Pterin-4 alpha-carbinolamine dehydratase/dimerization cofactor of hepatocyte nuclear factor 1 alpha (TCF1) 2
NCBI Gene Id:
Alias Symbols:
Tissue Tool:
Find tissues and cell lines supported to express PCBD2.
Protein Accession #:
Nucleotide Accession#:
Swissprot Id:
Protein Name:
Pterin-4-alpha-carbinolamine dehydratase 2
Protein Size (# AA):
Molecular Weight:
Partner Proteins:
Product Format:
Liquid. Purified antibody supplied in 1x PBS buffer with 0.09% (w/v) sodium azide and 2% sucrose.
Affinity Purified
Complete computational species homology data:
PCBD2 antibody - C-terminal region (ARP60484_P050)
Predicted Homology Based on Immunogen Sequence:
Human: 100%; Dog: 86%; Horse: 86%; Mouse: 86%; Pig: 85%; Rat: 85%; Guinea pig: 85%
Species Reactivity:
Human, Dog, Horse, Mouse, Guinea pig, Rat
Datasheets / Downloads:
Printable datasheet for
anti-PCBD2 antibody
- ARP60484_P050
Peptide Sequence:
Synthetic peptide located within the following region: NQAFGFMSRVALQAEKMNHHPEWFNVYNKVQITLTSHDCGELTKKDVKLA
Blocking Peptide:
For anti-PCBD2 antibody is Catalog # AAPP47878
Reconstitution and Storage:
For short term use, store at 2-8C up to 1 week. For long term storage, store at -20C in small aliquots to prevent freeze-thaw cycles.

Computational species homology for PCBD2 antibody (ARP60484)

Product page for PCBD2 antibody (ARP60484)

The information below lists the predicted species and target name associated to the peptide antigen. Please note, all available target reference numbers to the antigen sequence are presented, including unreviewed and protein isoforms.
To search for antibodies by species, please visit Aviva’s Species Reactivity Page. To search Aviva’s catalog of antibodies by sequence, please visit Aviva’s Antibody Blast Tool.

Predicted Species & Target Target Reference Predicted Homology
African clawed frog pcbd2 antibody; Xenopus laevis pcbd2 antibody Q6NU70 78%
African elephant PCBD2 antibody; Loxodonta africana PCBD2 antibody G3T1P0 85%
Chicken PCBD2 antibody; Gallus gallus PCBD2 antibody F1P3K7 84%
Chicken PHS2 antibody; Gallus gallus PHS2 antibody Q9DG45 84%
Common turkey PCBD2 antibody; Meleagris gallopavo PCBD2 antibody G1N813 84%
Dog TXNDC15 antibody; Canis familiaris TXNDC15 antibody F1PK88 85%
Duckbill platypus PCBD2 antibody; Ornithorhynchus anatinus PCBD2 antibody F7FES8 78%
Gray short-tailed opossum PCBD2 antibody; Monodelphis domestica PCBD2 antibody F6U5L4 84%
Guinea pig LOC100724143 antibody; Cavia porcellus LOC100724143 antibody H0V2G7 84%
Horse LOC100630290 antibody; Equus caballus LOC100630290 antibody F6TTL9 85%
Human PCBD2 antibody; Homo sapiens PCBD2 antibody H0YA52 100%
Human PHS2 antibody; Homo sapiens PHS2 antibody Q9H0N5 100%
Little brown bat PCBD2 antibody; Myotis lucifugus PCBD2 antibody G1PKZ5 85%
Lowland gorilla PCBD2 antibody; Gorilla gorilla gorilla PCBD2 antibody G3RWZ4 100%
Mouse PHS2 antibody; Mus musculus PHS2 antibody Q9CZL5 85%
Northern white-cheeked gibbon LOC100603432 antibody; Nomascus leucogenys LOC100603432 antibody G1R9U0 100%
Rhesus macaque LOC713854 antibody; Macaca mulatta LOC713854 antibody F7BHL7 100%
Sumatran orangutan PHS2 antibody; Pongo abelii PHS2 antibody Q5R7K1 100%
White-tufted-ear marmoset LOC100392746 antibody; Callithrix jacchus LOC100392746 antibody F7HYZ8 100%
Zebra finch Tgu.15374 antibody; Taeniopygia guttata Tgu.15374 antibody H0YSN2 84%
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