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  • Related Process: negative regulation of ubiquitin-protein ligase activity involved in mitotic cell cycle

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    Recombinant human Proteasome subunit beta type-4 (OPCA00386)

    Protein Name:Proteasome subunit beta type-4
    Catalog #:OPCA00386
    Type: Protein
    Reacts with:
    Product Size: 50ug
    Price (USD): $220.00

    ANAPC5 Antibody - middle region (ARP43211_P050)

    Protein Name:Anaphase-promoting complex subunit 5
    Catalog #:ARP43211_P050
    Type: pAb
    Reacts with: Rat, Bovine, Dog, Pig, Human, Horse, Rabbit, Guinea pig, Mouse, Zebrafish
    Application: WB
    Product Size: 100 ul
    Price (USD): $289.00
    PSMA2 antibody (OAGA00243) in H1299, HeLa S3, HepG2, MOLT4, Raji  cells using Western Blot
    PSMA2 antibody (OAGA00243) in CA922 Xenograft cells using Immunohistochemistry
    PSMA2 antibody (OAGA00243) in HeLa cells using Immunofluorescence

    PSMA2 antibody (OAGA00243)

    Protein Name:Proteasome subunit alpha type-2
    Catalog #:OAGA00243
    Type: pAb
    Reacts with: Human
    Application: ICC/IF, IHC (Formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded sections), WB
    Product Size: 100 ul
    Price (USD): $340.00

    PSMD11 Antibody (OAPA00207)

    Protein Name:26S proteasome non-ATPase regulatory subunit 11
    Catalog #:OAPA00207
    Type: mAb
    Reacts with:
    Application: ELISA, WB
    Product Size: 5ug
    Price (USD): $100.00

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Showing 1 - 30 of 238