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    SLC9A3R1 Antibody (OASA02743)

    Protein Name:Na(+)/H(+) exchange regulatory cofactor NHE-RF1
    Catalog #:OASA02743
    Type: mAb
    Reacts with: Human
    Application: IP, WB
    Product Size: 0.1mg
    Price (USD): $310.00

    Hsp90aa1 Antibody (OASA07328)

    Protein Name:Heat shock protein HSP 90-alpha
    Catalog #:OASA07328
    Type: pAb
    Reacts with: Mouse
    Application: IHC-AFF, WB, IP, IHC-FFPE
    Product Size: 0.5ml
    Price (USD): $650.00

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Showing 1 - 30 of 142